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Talk on grassroots climate action

Date and Time: 
Tue, 28/10/2014 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Last week, Pacific warriors successfully blockaded Newcastle coal port; and activists occupied Whitehaven Coal's Sydney offices. Next week, you can join in the action at the Whitehaven Coal AGM. Later that day, join us at Jura to hear a range of speakers discuss their experiences taking direct action for the climate:

  • Hannah is a visiting UK activist who has been involved in Climate Camps and Reclaim the Power, a grassroots environmental and social justice direct action network in the UK largely focused on fighting fracking. Hannah is also doing PhD research on grassroots responses to climate change in low-lying Pacific Island states. She'll speak on enviro direct action in the UK: where it came from, what's happening now and where it could go next.
  • Andy and Dani from the Leard Forest Blockade will talk about the importance of the Leard Forest, the corrupt planning process and inadequacy of institutional politics which are threatening its destruction. They will also talk about the ongoing blockade - Australia's first coal mine blockade camp.

Speakers and discussion on grassroots direct action for the climate
6pm, Tuesday 28 October at Jura.

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Red & Black Forum: Reflections on the Zapatistas

Date and Time: 
Sun, 26/10/2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Two speakers from Musica de Fuego will provide visual and verbal information on the background and history of the Zapatistas and their experiences over the last few years with Schools for Chiapas. There will also be some Zapatista craftwork for sale as a fundraiser.

2pm, Sunday 26 October at Jura.

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Occupy Sydney 3 year anniversary; all charges dropped

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the initial massive, violent dawn police eviction of Occupy Sydney on 23 October 2011. Up to Monday, 11 people still faced criminal charges ranging from ‘camping’ to assault police primarily from this eviction. The hearing of these matters was continuously adjourned due to an Occupy Sydney constitutional challenge to the ‘camping’ charges i.e. that the implied right to the freedom of political communication in the Australian Constitution should have protected the political occupation that occurred at Martin Place as part of the global Occupy movement. Sadly this case reached the end of its road last Friday when it was considered by the High Court of Australia in regards to whether special leave should be granted for the case to be heard in the High Court. Leave was refused.
On Monday, the 11 people with ongoing Occupy Sydney charges had their matters mentioned in the Local Court for almost the 20th time, with their matters due to be set down for a hearing. FINALLY THE POLICE DROPPED ALL OF THE REMAINING OCCUPY SYDNEY CHARGES. This result is a vindication of the dodgy arrests made of and charges given to these Occupy Sydney protestors, as happens extremely often at protests. These 11 people have had their charges hanging over them for ALMOST 3 YEARS as the constitutional contest of the legitimacy of the police actions made its way through the slow and conservative Australian legal system. One of these people took on the risk of costs against him from the City of Sydney Council and the NSW Government for being the main applicant in the constitutional challenge. STAY TUNED re word of potential costs against this brave person.
Members of the Jura collective would like to say congratulations to these 11 people on the outcome on Monday. We admire their strength and conviction in standing up for themselves and with each other for such a long time. We stand in solidarity with ALL of the people that stood up to the police and legal system to defend their ability to participate in Occupy Sydney. There were almost 100 arrests made of Occupy Sydney protestors over the first 4 months of the protests. ALMOST ALL THE CHARGES AND FINES that were contested by defendants were withdrawn by the police or dismissed by the court. The Occupy Sydney network is also currently working on at least one court case against the cops for a clear false arrest of a protestor – stay tuned regarding this too!
The Occupy Sydney legal matters remind us of: the limited protection in Australian law in regards to the ability to protest - both the Occupy Sydney and Melbourne constitutional cases have been useful in providing clarity about the (regrettably limited) scope of the implied right in the Constitution to the freedom of political communication. Having said this, we again learn that the police are usually extremely underhanded in their policing of protests. Ultimately they know that the charges they give to protestors often won’t stand up in the courts, but they arrest us anyway to criminalise, hurt and intimidate us and to damage our movements. Often the state succeeds. So we are reminded of the importance of organising collectively, including of legal support, so that we can look out for each other, push back against the state, and keep struggling FTW. Jura Books stands in solidarity with people struggling for a better world in the streets, workplaces, cages and schools in Sydney and everywhere.

Finally, if you are in a position to donate to the Occupy Sydney legal fund, details are below. Any additional funds will go towards other protest legal support funds.
Account Number - 51298S1
BSB Number - 802884
Bank - Maritime Mining Power Credit Union


Red & Black Forum: Murray Bookchin & Kurdish Democratic Confederalism

Date and Time: 
Sun, 16/11/2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

In the last few weeks, there has been a great deal of media coverage (as well as misrepresentation) of the battle of Kobanê in Northern Syria. The political situation is complex, but there is no denying that the Kurds in that region are involved in a revolutionary experiment, which has been under threat through a combination of Turkish and US imperialism, and ISIL. Read some background:

To further the discussion, Jura welcomes Paul Rubner to give a talk on the connection between Murray Bookchin - American anarchist, ecologist and libertarian communalist - and the Kurdish project of Democratic Confederalism. Come and hear the story of how the imprisoned Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan, took Bookchin’s ideas on libertarian communalism, adapted them to Kurdish conditions, and inspired their introduction into many Kurdish areas. Paul will also pose questions for discussion: What problems is this project encountering in practice in Kobanê and the other Kurdish areas where it is being put into practice? How is the Kurdish Democratic Confederalist project relevant to anarchists, libertarian socialists, and others - and should we be supporting it?

Forum on Murray Bookchin and Kurdish Democratic Confederalism
2pm, 16 November at Jura. 

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