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Anti-consumerism zombie march

Date and Time: 
Sunday, December 12, 2010 -
1:00am to 2:00am

"Last Friday, Westfields opened up a brand new fantabulous shiny shopping mall in Pitt street, choc full of overpriced brand names and plastic things that look cool but serve no discernable purpose. With Australians in personal debt of $1.2 trillion, our earths resources in steady decline and our communities disintegrating with the soul destroying force of dog-eat-dog consumer culture, some of us may be asking.. why the fck are... we building more shopping malls? And more to the point, why are we still celebrating their openings, as though it were something wonderful?!

For those of us who do ask that question, it's time to step up and expose the shitty world of shopping for what it really is.....

The conscious creation of a zombie nation!!!!

Join us to stick it to a system that is fundamentally screwed, have a heap of fun, be a bit ridiculous and hopefully make someone think. Come join in the Consumerism Creates Clones spending season zombie march this Christmas. Quick. Before they build another Westfield.

All you need are some shopping bags (you know, those designer ones, the fancy ones that say 'i've been shopping') to hang on your outstretched Zombie arms, and makeup if you fancy. We'll march through all the best CBD shopping spots in peak time, moaning 'stuff', and go shopping in the new shiny Westfield where surely our Consumer Zombie hunger for stuff will be fulfilled.

Tell everyone!

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