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Jura Food Co-op open meeting

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 14, 2009 -
5:00am to 7:00am

Hi everyone,

The Jura Food Co-op is up and running again, and we would love you to

The system is much the same as before:

  1. Order and pay for your fruit and vegie box by Thursday 7pm, in cash, at Jura.
  2. Write your name and details in the green food co-op book in the back room at Jura.
  3. Pick up your vegie box on Friday between 2pm and 7pm, or Saturday between 12pm and 2pm.
  4. Enjoy!


Why should you get your vegies at Jura instead of somewhere else?

  • You'll be supporting a local food buying alternative and spreading
    the politics of co-operation. Indirectly, you're also supporting Alfalfa House and Jura Books - two great progressive organisations in Sydney.
  • You'll be getting organic vegies at a very low price. This is
    because we get them from Alfalfa, and they choose the best priced,
    seasonal vegies and give us an added discount because we're a new co-op.

As many of you know, the Jura food co-op has had its ups and downs since
it started a year ago. At the moment we are on a 'trial period' to see how
we go. It will be re-evaluated at an open meeting: 6pm, Friday March 13th.
We would love you to come to this meeting and have input. If there aren't
enough people interested in the food co-op, we may have to give up on the
whole thing. So now is a good time to show your interest, and tell your

One way to show your support would be to order for 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6)
weeks in advance (instead of just one). This will give us some stability
and create a better routine. You can still have weeks off - just fill in
your required dates in the order book when you pay. Please consider doing

Please note that your box must be collected by Saturday 2pm at the latest.
After that time it will be donated to Food Not Bombs (who often use the
Jura kitchen on a Saturday) or some other hungry people. This may seem
harsh, but really your vegies start to wilt after that time anyway. If you
remember on Saturday at 3pm, call Jura immediately and you might be lucky.

Yay for organic fruit and vegies! Yay for co-operatives!

Peace and Health,

The Jura Food Co-op.