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Outside Folk/Punk show.

Date and Time: 
Sunday, January 24, 2010 -
2:00am to 6:00am

CHRIS BURROWS from Tasmania is back! Playing in his new band making acoustic punk rock music with a guitar, grand piano, double bass, cello, viola and a whole bunch of violins.

Also from Tasmania, Ethan (from that old Sydney teenage folk punk crew named Commonfilth!) will be bringing his new reggae/punk band called PHAT MEEGZ.

Getting more local, RABBIT from Bankstown/Liverpool way will be bringing their post-HSC post-rock. You may have seen Ivars, one of the guitarists play at a Juracoustic event a few months back.

One more Sydney band shall be coming.

For the occasion, the plan is also to make a large amount of mi goreng (by donation). Get it? Phat Meegz. Meegz. Mi goreng. Yep!