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Project X Meeting

Date and Time: 
Monday, March 1, 2010 -
1:00am to 3:00am

Autonomus rank and file workers network.

Independent networks of rank and file workers are forming in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, with the aim of supporting fellow workers to fight for decent wages and working conditions.

The aim of these networks is to lend solidarity and support to workers’ led industrial campaigns and effectively challenge employers and management when workers are under attack.

By communicating with fellow unionists and other members of the general public, we aim to win industrial struggles by generating effective community solidarity and support.

Industrial disputes are not won in isolation. Broad community and popular support for a workers campaign is vital to its success. Together, we aim to counter the bad publicity that unions and striking workers often receive in the media by producing pro-worker material of our own.

Current industrial laws make it risky for union officials to take industrial action or make public comments against the interests of employers.

As workers from other industries and unions we, as ordinary members of the public, are not subject to the same risks. We can operate without fear of employer harassment because the employer of a workplace in industrial dispute cannot threaten to sack workers who are not employed by them and who don't act in the name of another union.

We aim to build our networks by making contact with other enthusiastic, like-minded workers who are or wish to be engaged in industrial action and support others who are in the thick of it. From this we would like to see the growth of strong, active, grassroots trade unionism. We also wish to assist people in other areas to develop their own networks.

We communicate by email, mobile phone, printed material and by face to face meetings.

We have no ties to any political party, group or ideology. We are not interested in seeking office within trade unions or engaging in political lobbying or parliamentary activity.