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Lots of good reading new in Jura this week

Hi all,
here are the new book this week:
The Spanish Anarchists of Northern Australia: Revolution in the sugar cane fields, Robert Mason, $95;
Anarchism and Chinese Political Culture, Peter Zarrow, (H/B), $70;
The Will to Change: Men, masculinity, and love, bell hooks, $25;

New PM Press titles and more...

Hi good people,
here are the new titles:
Journey Through Utopia: A critical assessment of imagine worlds in western literature, Marie Louise Berneri, $38 (new edition and with new introduction, postscript);
Anarchist Cuba: Countercultural politics in the early twentieth century, Kirwin Shaffer, $32.50;
Communion:The female surch for love, bell hooks, $18;

Lots of new books at Jura

Here are the new titles for this week:
We are Anarchists: essays on Aarchism, Pacifism, and the Indian Independence Movement, 1923-1953, MPT Acharya, $27;
Young Dark Emu: A truer history, (HB) Bruce Pascoe, $26;
The Complete Works of Errico Malatesta, Vol 4, (ed) David Turcats, $38;
The Five Hundred Year Rebellion: Indigenous movements and the decolonization of history in Bolivia, Benjamin Dangl, $27;

New books this week at Jura

"Quello che non ho è una camicia bianca quello che non ho è un segreto in banca quello che non ho sono le tue pistole per conquistarmi il cielo per guadagnarmi il sole." Frabrizio de Andre, an anarchist folk singer in Italy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3ZGdzuvcws&list=RDEMt5A_jA64EwODji4w2iQ...

New material at Jura

Hi Jura supporters,
Two new books this week:
An East End Legacy: Essays in memory of William J. Fishman,(eds) Colin Holmes & Anne Kershen, $48(a very valuable addition to the histories of the anarchist influence and activity in the working class east end of London);
Into the Heart of Tasmania: A search for human antiquity; Rebe Taylor, $35 (a great companion to 'Dark Emu', which is essential reading for anyone living on this continent).
Le Monde Libertaire
Umanita Nova.

Loads of new anarchist books (& a T-shirt):

Hi all,
Here is a list of the great new titles for this week - some have been long out of print....
The second joint publication by Jura Books and PM Press - the reprint (with extra essays) of a long out of print extremely important book, this on on the Russian Revolution. This one also at a special low price:
The Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921, Voline, $35;
The Battle of the Mountain of the Kurds: Self-determination and ethnic cleansing in the Afrin Region of Rojava, Thomas Schmidinger, $26;

Tasty new titles at Jura this week

Hi everyone,

Great new books to chew through: food for the mind and muscle:

New titles - SF explorations.

Hi everyone,
Here are the new titles this week:

Special discount books available

Hi Jura supporters,
These books have a low price due to a special discount from Verso publishers - grab them while you can.
Here are the new titles:

New titles at Jura this week

Hi everyone,
Here are the new titles from PM Press: