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Hi,here are this week's new (and excitingly back in stock) titles at Jura:Periodicals:Anarcho-Syndicalist Review #62 (with the review of Sydney's Anarchist Bookfair of March), $4; Rivista A #391, Special (northern) Summer edition three times the normal size with the usual excellent content (in Italian), $8; Back in print/in stock: African Anarchism: the history of a movement, Sam Mbah & IE Gariwey, $20 (Sam is the guy who we have been raising funds for); Daoism and Anarchism : Critiques of state automomy in ancient and modern China, John Rapp, $43; Strike!, Jeremy Brecher, $33 (revised,

New Books at Jura

Hi, here are the latest at Jura, from PM Press: 'The Day the Country Died' by Ian Glasper $33 'STRIKE!' by Jeremy Brecher $33 'Venceremos' by Gabriel San Roman $8 'Raising Hell' by Nroman Spinrad $16 'Dead Kennedys' by Alex Ogg $23 ;The System' by Peter Kruper $26 'World War 3' by Peter Kruper and Seth Tobocman 'New Forms of Worker Organisation' edited by Immanuel Ness $33 'Futures' by John Baker $23 Solidarity,Sid

Latest mental dynamite available at Jura

Hi,here are the latest tasty new books from AK: Hi,here are the latest tasty new books at Jura:Doris #29, $3;Dynamite and Roses, Robert Benedetti, $23 (life and times of Lucy and Albert Parsons);Kuwasi Balagoon, a Soldier's Story: writings by a revolutionary New Afrikan anarchist, $30;Isadora Speaks: Writings and Speeches fo Isadora Duncan, Franklin Rosemont (ed), $18;Herbert Read: The stream and the source, George Woodcock, $26;Barefoot Gen: A cartoon story of Hiroshima vol 1, Keiji Nakazawa, $23 (long out of print, we only have vol 1 &

New books and shirts/t-towels at Jura

here are the latest books and t-shirts at Jura:

The Black War: Fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania, Nicholas Clements, $35;

Shame and the Captives, Thomas Keneally, (H/B), $38;

T-shirts (100% cotton, various sizes):

White Australia has a Black History (new stock), $15;
People Smuggler (+image of Gov Phillip), $15;
McDeath (lower price), $10;
Fox News: very rich people paying rich people to tell middle class pwoplet to blame poor people, $15;
Boat People, $15;

New titles at Jura Books

Here are the latest new titles at Jura:

The Method of Freedom: An Errico Malatesta reader, Davide Turcato (ed), $34; (very exciting to get so much material in the English language by Malatesta a major anarchist theorist and activist).

Anarchists in the Boardroom: How social media and social movements can help your organisation to be more like people, Liam Barrington-Bush, $30;

The Commune in Paris, 1871, (articles mostly by contemporaries of the event), Andrew Zonneveld (ed), $23;

The Paris Commune: A revolution in democracy, Donny Gluckstein, $26;

Post Bookfair new titles at Jura.

here are new titles at Jura or titles that have been out of stock for a while:
Kropotkin and Lenin, David Shub, $1;
Anarchism in Istanbul Today: Two interviews, David Kimball, $2;
Proudhon in the Closet: The homophocia and misogyny of P-J Proudhon, Daniel Guerin, $2;
Kropotkin on Communes and Wages, Peter Kropotkin, $3;
Konstantinos Speras: the life and activities of a Greek anarcho-syndicalist, Leonardos Kottis, $3;
Emilio Canzi: An anarchist partisan in Italy and Spain, Paolo Finzi, $4;

Latest new material at Jura Books.

New titles are below -
Le Monde Libertaire,  (France) $4;
Anarcho-syndicalist Review, (USA) $4;
Freedom, (UK), $4;
Umanita Nova, (Italy), $1;
Rivista A (Italy), $4.

New books

Here are some new titles:

The Gentle Anarchist: A life of George Woodcock, George Fetherling, $
Hello My name is Vegan Freak: being vegan in a non-vegan world, B. Torres & J torres, $20;
Punk Rock: An oral history, John Robb, $27;
Comments on Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, $22.

Seeya at Jura.

New titles at Jura

Hi peoples,
here are the latest new titles: