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Post Bookfair new titles at Jura.

here are new titles at Jura or titles that have been out of stock for a while:
Kropotkin and Lenin, David Shub, $1;
Anarchism in Istanbul Today: Two interviews, David Kimball, $2;
Proudhon in the Closet: The homophocia and misogyny of P-J Proudhon, Daniel Guerin, $2;
Kropotkin on Communes and Wages, Peter Kropotkin, $3;
Konstantinos Speras: the life and activities of a Greek anarcho-syndicalist, Leonardos Kottis, $3;
Emilio Canzi: An anarchist partisan in Italy and Spain, Paolo Finzi, $4;

Latest new material at Jura Books.

New titles are below -
Le Monde Libertaire,  (France) $4;
Anarcho-syndicalist Review, (USA) $4;
Freedom, (UK), $4;
Umanita Nova, (Italy), $1;
Rivista A (Italy), $4.

New books

Here are some new titles:

The Gentle Anarchist: A life of George Woodcock, George Fetherling, $
Hello My name is Vegan Freak: being vegan in a non-vegan world, B. Torres & J torres, $20;
Punk Rock: An oral history, John Robb, $27;
Comments on Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, $22.

Seeya at Jura.

New titles at Jura

Hi peoples,
here are the latest new titles:

Poster archive digitisation

We need your help to preserve our rare political poster collection. Jura has an archive of thousands of radical political posters dating back 40 years. Many of the posters have huge political and artistic significance. Many are the only surviving copy.

Artists and collectives represented include Earthworks, Dobie Gillis, Nosey, Possum, Toby Zoates, Redback Graphix and Without Authority. Many worked out of the famous 'Tin Sheds'. You can learn more here:
ABC Radio doco on the Tin Sheds
5 minute 2SER interview with Jura
SMH article about the Jura collection

At Jura we're working hard to preserve this important collection, but the ravages of time, mould, and silverfish constantly threaten their survival. As such, it's imperative to digitally document the posters for posterity. We have begun this process: volunteers have spent hundreds of hours sorting and organising posters for digitisation. Now we want to take high-quality photos of the 1,500 most important posters, using a professional studio. But this is expensive. It may cost as much as $3,000.

We need your help to raise funds to take the photographs. Please make a donation now. Any amount, small or large, will be appreciated. You can deposit directly into our bank account or use paypal. Please include the reference 'digitisation', and email us to let us know you've sent a donation. Alternatively, you can post a cheque payable to Jura Books (please include a note explaining what it's for), or donate cash in person at Jura during opening hours.

For inspiration, check out this 7 minute video from the US Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

The CSPG has preserved over 80,000 social movement posters. At Jura we’re inspired by CSPG - we want to preserve our poster collection - with your help.

Latest new titles from AK Press, at Jura.

Hi Jura supporters,
Lots of exciting new items have come in (including, Phil, the small Slingshot - lg still coming):

Slingshot, small, $9 - many colours;

Zapatista Solidarity Calendar 2014, $15;

Undoing Border Imperialism, Harsha Walia, $24 (another great book from Institute of Anarchist Studies & AK Press);

One Hundred Years of Worker's Solidarity: The History of Solidaridad Obrera, Mateo Rello et al, $6, (important reading for anyone thinking of working class publication, out of the ghetto);

Tasty new titles at Jura

Hi,Here are some new titles at Jura, fresh out of the box today - mostly from the good people at PM Press: The New Utopian Politics of Ursula K. Le Guin's 'The Dispossessed', L. Davis and P Stillman (& response from Ursula), $39; A Living Spirit of Revolt: The Infrapolitics of Anarchism,Ziga Vodovnik, $24 ("...rescues anarchism from its dogma..." H Zinn); Anarchy, Geography, Modernity: Selected Writings of Elisee Reclus, (eds) John Clark & Camille Martin, $29 (finally, a collection of this important anarchist thinker's writings in English); Carazolla!

New Titles at Jura.

here are the new titles this week:

Umanita Nova (Sept): $1;
Le Monde Libertaire (Sept-Oct): $4;

Writings on the Paris Commune: Marx, Engels, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Lenin, $20;

The Failure of Nonviolence: from the Arab Spring to Occupy, Peter Gelderloos, $22;

Nine Years of Anarchist Agitation: the history of the Boston antiauthoritarian movement 2011-2010 and other essays, Jake Carman, $18.

How to Make Trouble and Influence People

****What democracy?****
****How to Make Trouble and Influence People - book launch, 5.30pm Thurs 26 Sep at Jura****
****Rebel Love: Revolution - Red and Black Forum, 2pm Sun 29 Sep at Jura****
****Writers Salon at Jura****
****Social Centres towards Social Struggle - talk, 7pm Thurs 19 Sep at Black Rose****
****Leard Forest Listen Up - DIY bush blockade and arts festival, 27-30 Sep in the Leard Forest****
****Action Against Pacific 2013 Arms Fair - rally at 11am, Mon 7 Oct at Darling Harbour****