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Latest books, fresh out of the box, at Jura.

Hi Jura supporters,
here are the latest new titles at Jura:

Occupy,Noam Chomsky, $15;
Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside the world of WikiLeaks (DVD), John Smith, $29;

New stuff at Jura

Hi peoples,
Here is a small but interesting list of new title at Jura:

New titles:
Anarchism and Anarchist, George Woodcock, $20 - finally at Jura.
Chain Reaction, #114, $5

Forums, Conferences and Struggles

Greetings Jura friends and supporters,

The mining tyrants have their grubby paws everywhere! They fight meagre attempts to redistribute a bit of wealth. They buy and bully media to entrench their destructive ideas. They exploit workers and their families. They cry foul at environmental protection. And now, they even corrupt Australian football.

How did this happen and what can we do about it? Why is the 1st of May the International Day of Worker's Struggle? Check out some of Jura's upcoming events and get involved with the good fight.

Great new titles and re-stocks from AK Press

here are the new titles and re-stock items from the latest AK Press order:

New journal in Jura

Hi Jurans & supporters,

There's only one new title in this week, & it's a journal - well, it's been many years since we have had it:

Earth First! The journal of ecological resistance, (US) $4.

New titles from the fantastic PM Press

here are the new PM titles:

The first two titles are finally out in English (we also have Vol 1 still in stock from Meltzer Press):

New Titles & tasty treats....

Hi peoples,
latest new offerings from AK Press, with some really interesting titles. Also some re-stocks came in, but no time to list them now.

Exciting titles from PM Press

Hi supporters,
here are the latest newbies at Jura, all from the exciting PM Press: