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A freshly picked bunch of new titles at Jura...

Here are a fresh bunch of tasty new titles at Jura:

Black Flag, British anarchist magazine, $7;
Remembering Tomorrow: from SDS to life after capitalism - a memoir, Michael Albert, $13;

Zombie apocalypse

Comrades, the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

Huge number of new books at Jura

Hi Peoples,
here is an incredibly long list of new titles at Jura - and about twice as many are here but not displayed yet:

Rocking and Dreaming

Dear Jura friends,

The Juran People's Committee for Propaganda & Culture would love you to watch and discuss two great films with us this month...

Political Perspectives: 

Some new and cheap titles at Jura

Hi Peoples,
here are some new titles at Jura this week, all at v. low prices & limited quantities:

From Crimethink:
CD: Passion by Carthesis, $15,
CD: Storm Heaven by Requiem, $15,

Disaster capitalism

This month the People's Cinema at Jura is screening Naomi Klein's 'The Rise of Disaster Capitalism'. This documentary film features Klein explaining the ideas and research behind her bestselling book, The Shock Doctrine. In this riveting lecture and interview, Klein challenges and exposes the popular myth of the free market economy’s peaceful global victory. Around the world there are people with power who are cashing in on chaos, exploiting bloodshed and catastrophe to brutally implement their policies. They are the shock doctors.

Political Perspectives: 

New from PM Press and re-stocks

here are the latest offerings from PM Press (and re-stocking of sold-out titles):
The Mafia Principle of Global Hegemony, Noam Chomsky, DVD, $25,

New titles keep on rolling into Jura

here are the latest offerings at Jura:

Does God Exist? 12 Proofs of the Non-existence of God, Sabastien Faure, $2,
Support, Feminist zine, $4,
Learning Good Consent, Feminist zine, $4,

Lates new titles at Jura

here are some new titles at Jura, fresh on the shelves:

Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements & Contemporary Currents in the United States, the Team Colors Collective (eds), $22,

New titles, from AK Press, at Jura

Hi peoples,
here are a few of the new titles we have just received from AK Press:

The Coming Insurrection, by The Invisible Committee (Semiotexte), $19;