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New Revolutionary End-of-Year titles at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are some of the exciting new titles at Jura!

From a new publisher (Red and Black) that we are now dealing with:
- IWW: a Documentary History, L. Frank, $20
- Non-Leninist Marxism: Writings on the Worker's Councils, Gorter, Pannekoek, Pankhurst and Ruhle, $18
- Philosophy of Revolution: Towards a Non-Leninist Marxism, L. Frank, $18
- My Two Years in Russia: An American Anarchist's Disillusionment..., E. Goldman, $20
- Chicago Seven: Testimony from the 1968 Conspiracy Trial, Abbie Hoffman, Rennie Davis, and others, $19
- Socialism and the Irish Rebellion: Writings from James Connolly, J. Connolly, $22
- The Digger Movement: Radic al Commmunalism in the English Civil War, Lewis H Berens, $19
- Insurgent Mexico: With Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution, John Reed, $22
- Syndicalism, Industrial Unionism and Socialism, J. Spargo, $18
- The Workers Opposition in the Russian Communist Party: the Fight for Workers Democracy..., A. Kollontai, $17
- Proposed Roads to Freedom, B. Russell, $18

And from AK Press:
- Kontrrazvedka: the Story of the Makhnovist Intelligence Service, V. Azarov, $20
- Battle of the Story of the "Battle of Seattle", $19
- You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, S. Tobocman, $25
- Everything You Know is Wrong, R. Kick (ed), $37
- Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture, $48
- Art of Free Cooperation (with CD), $31
- The Taqwacores, MM Knight, $23

Ciao, Sid.

More New Titles at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are some new titles:
"The Debates of Liberty: An overview of Individualist Anarchism, 1881-1908" Wendy McElroy $45.00
"Restorative Justice: Healing the foundations of our everyday lives" Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tiffy $46.00
"Offending Youth: sex, crime and justice" Kerry Carrington $56.00
"Environmental Decision-Making, exploring complexity and context" Ronnie Harding, Carolyn M Hendriks and Mehreen Farugi $54.00

There are also a whole bunch of real cheapies on the new titles table...big variety of topics.

And don't forget the huge range of Slingshot diaries at Jura.

Ciao, Sid.

And the winner is... anarchy!

Hi Jura friends and supporters,

The Save Jura raffle is over and we're happy to say it was a great success - thanks to you! It was a massive effort over six months, with:
--> 3,000 tickets sold.
--> 900 existing supporters contacted (including 750 via email, 200 via facebook, 200 via sms, 80 by phone call).
--> 200 houses door-knocked in our local area.
--> 5,500 letters hand delivered to people in our local area (these letters talked about what anarchism is, as well as Jura and the raffle).
--> 100s of posters put up across Sydney.
--> Stalls held in Newcastle, Glebe, Redfern, Newtown, Helensburgh and more.

All of this was done by a few dozen volunteers - congratulations to all of you who sold tickets, provided prizes and spread the word. And thank you to everyone who donated (hundreds of you) - every contribution helped. We also received a handful of very generous donations from comrades around Australia, Aotearoa, the US, Europe and other parts of the world. Thank you all! It has been very inspiring to experience this living anarchist solidarity.

Through this effort we raised over $13,000! We've also built a stronger community and communicated with literally thousands of people to engage with them about anarchist ideas - many for the first time. When we started the raffle there was $15,000 left on the mortgage and now there is only $2,500! (We had to spend some of what was raised on bills, insurance and interest along the way.) Interest payments are down from almost $200 per month to $91 per month and will soon be even lower. Through collective action, the crisis we faced has been turned into a opportunity and a success for anarchism in Sydney.

And of course congratulations to the prize-winners (you should already have been contacted). Please collect your prizes if you haven't already done so.

There are lots of exciting happenings in the next month...

As the end-of-year consumer madness looms, why not consider some radical alternatives? Don't buy new junk as demanded by the unsustainable capitalist throwaway society, instead give your friends and family recycled presents, or gifts that go where they're needed in the majority world (check out Apheda or Oxfam). Alternatively, buy fresh fruit and veg from the Jura food co-op, or a radical book, or make a contribution to our library in someone's name. We've got loads of great stock to choose from! Political diaries and calendars are in stock, including those funky Slingshot Organisers and 3CR Calendars. Jura is open as normal from Wednesday to Sunday PLUS, we're open 2-7pm on Tuesdays until end of 2009, and we'll have a number of stalls around the place - check http://www.jura.org.au for details. Jura will be closed from Fri 25th Dec to Sun 3rd Jan; we'll re-open on Wed 6th Jan.

Another good option is to participate in Buy Nothing Day - an international protest against mindless consumerism. This year in Sydney people are meeting at 10am on Sat 28th Nov in Hyde Park near St James station. Come dressed as a zombie for a zombie march through the shopping district! http://www.buynothingsydney.110mb.com/

Join us for Juracoustic from 7pm this Thurs 26th Nov. A night of open mic until everyone's had a turn or two or three or four. Bring your instruments, your voice, stories, poems, or just your ears. This will be the last Juracoustic event of the year, the next being January 28th, 2010. http://juracoustic.wordpress.com

Hundreds of bicyclists will be out in force for the Critical Mass once-yearly Harbour Bridge Ride. Meet at 5.30pm on Fri 27 Nov at Archbald Fountain in Hyde Park.

At 6pm Wed 2nd Dec, Jamez, a friend from Singapore, will lead an open discussion at Jura on some of the political and social movements in Singapore. Jamez is active in animal protection with ACRES http://www.acres.org.sg/ and is also active in the political DIY hardcore punk scene in Singaprore. Come along and find out what our neighbours are up to!

Come to a discussion on the European Autonomous Movement, 6pm Fri 11th Dec at Jura. This movement, mainly centred in the German-speaking countries, has been a major factor in radical European politics for about thirty years. Visiting anarchist Gabriel Kuhn will give an overview of the movement's history and its current state – questions from the audience are strongly encouraged! Gabriel grew up along the German-Austrian border and was politicised in the autonomous movement in the late 1980s. He currently lives in Sweden, and is part of the editorial collective behind Perspektiven Autonomer Politik (Perspectives of Autonomous Politics). Gabriel is the founder of Alpine Anarchist Productions and also works with PM Press in the US, and the Swedish anarchist journal Brand.

Melbourne revolutionary leftist punk band, Truth From Facts, will be playing their songs about the Weather Underground and Theodor Adorno at Jura from 3pm, Sun 13th Dec as part of their DIY tour of Sydney. The show will cost you $7 to help the band cover some of the costs of travel and to put toward the Jura mortgage. If the weather is clear, the show will be happening out in the back car park. Joining Truth From Facts will be locals Bare Arms (featuring Jura collective member, Katrina on drums), Young Lions and Do Not Resuscitate (who have been Jura regulars since their first show in April 2008).

The latest book from Breakdown Press, How To Make Trouble and Influence People: Pranks, hoaxes, graffiti and political mischief making from around Australia will be launched at two events in Sydney. The first launch kicks off at 6pm on Thurs the 3rd Dec at Berkelouw in Newtown, with the book’s author Iain McIntyre, plus Dr Meredith Burgmann, Mother Inferior (Order of Perpetual Indulgence) and Simon Hunt (Pauline Pantsdown). Entry is free. Also on Sat 5th December there'll be a launch party at the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St Marrickville, 8pm-midnight. Entry is $10 and speakers will include Iain McIntyre, artist Deborah Kelly and Dave Burgess (who painted No War on the Opera House in 2003) plus music by Lee Memorial, Bare Arms and NinetyNine. The first 50 payers get a free Rock Against Bullshit CD. The book is also available at Jura for $29.

Join thousands at Walk Against Warming, 1pm Sat 12th Dec, Martin Place. Think you don't have the power to stop climate change? Think again! This December is D-Day for the planet as world leaders meet in Copenhagen to do a global deal on climate change. While they talk the talk, people will be walking the walk all over the world, from New York to Tokyo, Mumbai to Paris and all over Australia. So get your walking shoes on and be part of the most important Walk Against Warming ever. http://www.walkagainstwarming.org

Lots of love and rage from the Jura collective.

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 2-7pm (until end 2009)
Wednesday 2 - 7pm
Thursday 2 - 7pm
Friday 2 - 7pm
Saturday 12 - 5pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm

Closed from 25th December to 2nd January; re-open Wed 6th Jan.

New books at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are a bunch of new titles at Jura:

ABCs of the Economic Crisis $22
After Makhno $4
Anarchist Past and Other Essays, Colin Ward $25
Direct Action, E. Pouget $43
The German Revolution 1918-1923, Broule (back in stock with a much lower price) $66
Haymarket: a novel, hardback, $27
International Anarchist Congress 1907 $43
Italian Anarchism - 1864-1892 (From the First International to the 1872 Anti-Authoritarian International), N. Pericone, $34
My Revolutionary Life, Juan Garcia Oliver, $4
Soul of Man Under Socialism, O. Wilde, $4
Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution, $34
What Every Revolutionary Should Know...V. Serge, $17
Soccer in Sun and Shadow, E. Galleano, $28
Slingshot Organisers $8, $16 (heaps of colours)

Raffle Prize Winners

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize in the Save Jura Raffle. And an even bigger congratulations to everyone who donated or helped sell tickets - you make Jura possible!

The prize winners were:

  • Rare Political Artwork - Karen S
  • Jura Books Pack - Sophie H
  • Gleebooks Pack - Michael P
  • Co-op books pack - Dayv R
  • Byron Bay Accommodation - Anna L
  • Cupcakes - Liz S
  • Alfalfa house vouchers - Nick A, Leslie W, Tom W, Bec S, and Gina A
  • Guinness - Peter S
  • Funky Pies Vouchers - Jamie P, Harrison S, Lindsay H, Russel, Suren C, Alice W, Dan, Adam W, Jacqueline B, Vi P, Ricki S, Claire P, Chips M, Paul N, Daz S, Natalie and Jenny, Rachel K, Natalie M, Anne O, and Mari V.
  • Italian Dinner - Lila C
  • Political Posters Paste-up - Theresa P
  • T-shirts - Neil H
  • Hand Made Jewellery - Andrew J
  • TV - Dan R
  • Jura Prize-winning Posters - Liz T

New Titles at Jura

Hi all,
here are some of the new titles at Jura:
- Slingshot Organisers 2010 (better than ever & in a huge range of colours):
Large: $16
Small: $8
- An Anarchist FAQ (huge amount of information in this large format book) $37
- Animal Ingredients A-Z (3rd edn) $22
- Another Dinner Is Possible (great vegal bookbook) $37
- Diamond Signature (Penny Rimbaud's Punk classic) back in stock $21
- Sihibboleth " " " $24
- Living My Life Vol 1 Emma Goldman - back in stock, Dover edn $27
- " Vol 2 " " " $27

Last chance to win prizes!

Hi Jura friends and supporters,

You've only got a few days left to buy tickets in the Save Jura Raffle!

Last chance to be part of a momentous event - establishing a lasting anarchist space for Sydney's radical community. The raffle is being drawn on Saturday 24th.

Last chance to win excellent prizes like:
---> A rare screeprinted artwork worth $700
---> $860 worth of books
---> Weekend's accommodation for 2 in the heart of Byron Bay
---> Vegan cupcakes, pies and organic food vouchers
---> 4 cases of Guinness
---> 60 political posters pasted up in the Sydney suburb of your choosing
---> Radical t-shirts and hand-made jewellery
---> and more - check http://www.jura.org.au for full details

---> 2 entries $10.00
---> 5 entries for $20.00
---> 20 entries for $50.00
---> 40 entries $80.00
---> 60 entries $100.00
---> 130 entries $200.00
---> Use your own internet banking and transfer directly into our bank account. (Please send us an email afterwards to let us know that you've done this, and include your name and postal address. We will send you the appropriate number of entries as listed above). This payment method allows us to avoid fees and maximise your donation.
---> Send us a cheque made out to Jura Books
---> Or come in to the shop and buy tickets in person this week.

Jura needs you! We're entirely not-for-profit and volunteer-run. We stock thousands of books that you won't find anywhere else, and provide a space for radical events, groups and archives. Please help us to continue this important work. Act now or regret it forever!

Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets already, including SK ($100), SH ($150), NH ($50), BP ($100), JT ($100), AH ($50), MW ($20), KK ($45), JM ($50), R and MM ($200), LW ($100), SB ($100), LS ($110), PB ($50), PN ($200), DR ($200), JW ($20), NR ($200), TB ($20) and many others!

Also a big thank you to everyone who's been selling tickets - please return your unsold tickets, money, and ticket stubs ASAP, so they can go into the draw.

Exciting events on this month at Jura...

---> The Save Jura Raffle is being drawn on Saturday 24th. Join us from 6pm on the night for a party with music, belly dancing and lucky door prizes.

---> Come and help to create the next edition of the Scooter Collective zine - a collection of interviews, observations, reviews, cartoons, and anything else related to ladies on stage. http://www.scooter.org.au/ Please note, this is an autonomous women's event. 1-5pm, Sun 25th Oct.

---> Meeting for those interested in forming a rank and file, cross-union, workers' organising network. 6pm, Thurs 29th Oct.

---> Juracoustic night, with A Dire Dawn http://www.myspace.com/dewandair - Di Drew is all sad all acoustic all of the time. It's her last night living in Sydney and she's going out with a whimper. Also, New Caledonian Blue http://www.myspace.com/myjobcfcob - Elliott Smith shakes hands with the Chicago blues; hands made, mostly, of violin strings. And Let the Concrete Crumble http://www.myspace.com/nineteeneightynein - newest acoustic guise of the worldly Novacastrian haiku master Mark Whittaker. 7pm, Thurs 29th Oct.

---> La Quiete are visiting our shores from Italy. Come on down for some intense screamo punk. For the uninitiated, begin here: http://www.myspace.com/laquiete before moving on to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93LmqYRnwWE Also playing on the night are Bare Arms, Thinking, Stalker. All this for only $10! All ages. 7pm, Thurs 5th Nov.

---> Sydney Copwatch meeting. Dale and other volunteers from Sydney Copwatch will present a short talk on the laws relating to police and raise questions such as : Do we "demand" that cops obey the law, or is that just buying into a dominant ideology that the law is somehow good? Do traditional demands for civil rights simply confuse the class issue? Focus will be on open discussion and sharing ideas on activism. 7pm, 11th November.

---> Exhibition in the library. Portraits of famous anarchists plus new political posters by Chips Mackinolty. 11th-18th Nov.

---> Just out! How to Make Trouble and Influence People, a new collection of the original zines revealing Australia's radical past. Stories, anecdotes, interviews with trouble makers and pranksters. Over 300 spectacular images. Available now at Jura for $29. http://www.howtomaketroubleandinfluencepeople.org

Become a fan of Jura on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petersham-Australia/Jura-Books/25066184055...

Hope to see you soon!

Lots of love and rage from the Jura collective.

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening Hours:

Wednesday 2 - 7pm
Thursday 2 - 7pm
Friday 2 - 7pm
Saturday 12 - 5pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm


Climate action and anarchist organising

Hi Jura friends and supporters,

When it comes to climate change, sustainability and jobs, more and more people are realising that actions speak louder than words. The next few months are a critical time to get active in the climate movement; we invite you to join us at these events...

Climate Camp '09 will be three days of sustainable living and community action at Australia's oldest coal mine - Metropolitan Collieries - on Dharawal land in Helensburgh, 40 mins from Sydney. From October 9 - 11th, Jura people will join hundreds of others pitching our tents among the trees nearby the mine, and we'd love you to come with us! You can also stroll in to the camp for an afternoon - for great workshops, music, art, food and positive climate action. For more info send us an email or check out http://www.climatecamp.org.au/

Come and help build a giant iceberg at the Newtown Hub (opposite Newtown station) as part of the global day of action on October 24th. Local community group, Climate Action Newtown is organising the event along with presentations, music and food at the neighbourhood centre. ---> http://www.350.org/ and http://www.climateactionnewtown.org

Discuss strategies for climate action and prepare for climate camp at the next Jura political talk: "Anarchist organising, the climate movement and climate camp". Many climate action strategies are influenced by anarchist ideas - direct action, decentralised organising, spokescouncils etc. There'll be a short film, a talk by one of the climate camp organisers and Friends of the Earth Sydney activist, and discussion afterwards. ---> 6pm, Friday 2nd Oct at Jura Books

This month's Juracoustic night features Jess Dunbar (http://myspace.com/jessdunbar), a folk inspired songwriter whose soulful voice and music is reminiscent of summer nights at the beach; Olivia Clark, who is part of the Bankstown Talent Advancement Program, will play her whimsical songs with fantastical lyrics inspired by musicians such as Nick Drake and Fleet Foxes; and Stono Caves (http://myspace.com/stonosolo) will once again remind us that a lack of technical ability is no excuse for a lack of self expression, reaching for hope while fighting off capitalism and failed relationships, and using humour to unsettle Islamophobes, all at the same time. There will also be singalongs and plenty of space for whoever else wants to come along and play some songs or do some spoken word, and vegetarian food and drinks by donation. ---> 7pm, Thurs 24th Sept

Jura Books has just launched a facebook page - check it out (and become a fan and invite your friends!) here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petersham-Australia/Jura-Books/25066184055... We know that facebook is fundamentally and relentlessly pro-capitlist and profit driven, but we hope we can use it and subvert it in some way, to connect with more people and build the radical community. The main part of our web-based presence will continue to be our open-source based and collectively-controlled website http://www.jura.org.au/

There is only one month to go in the Save Jura Raffle, so now is the time to donate! Be in the running to win great prizes like $860 worth of books, a political artwork worth $700, vegan and organic food, accommodation in Byron Bay and more. For those who don't know, the bank has called in the loan on our property. Hundreds of people have already donated to save Jura, including (recently) SH ($100), JW ($20), NR ($200), CF ($20), RC ($100), TB ($50), KK ($20), VP ($20), DR ($500) LP ($10), AS ($50), MP ($200), CA ($10), MH ($100), NJM ( $50), NH ($20), NDCJ ($20), DF ($50), LC ($200). The balance on our mortgage is down to $9,000 - a great achievement. Thanks to everyone who has donated! But we need to everyone else to chip in too!

---> 2 entries $10.00
---> 5 entries for $20.00
---> 20 entries for $50.00
---> 40 entries $80.00
---> 60 entries $100.00
---> 130 entries $200.00
---> Use your own internet banking and transfer directly into our bank account. (Please send us an email afterwards to let us know that you've done this, and include your name and postal address. We will send you the appropriate number of entries as listed above). This payment method allows us to avoid fees and maximise your donation. For account details see our homepage - http://www.jura.org.au
---> Or come to one of our stalls or in to the shop and buy tickets in person, any time we're open.

Events summary:
---> Thurs 24th Sept, 7pm: Jura acoustic night.
---> Sat 26th Sept, 10am-2pm: Jura stall at Newtown DIY markets at the Hub - come and say hi.
---> Thurs 1st Oct, 5.30pm: Jura collective meeting - all welcome.
---> Fri 2nd Oct, 6pm: Talk and discussion on "Anarchist organising, the climate movement and climate camp" at Jura.
---> Fri 9th Oct - Sun 11th Oct: Climate camp http://www.climatecamp.org.au/
---> Sun 4th Oct: Jura stall at This Is Not Art zine fair, Newcastle http://www.thisisnotart.org/
---> Sat 24th October, 6-9pm: Save Jura Raffle draw.
---> Sat 24th October, afternoon: www.350.org climate action in Newtown

Hope to see you there!

Lots of love and rage from the Jura collective.
440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening times:
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm


Political Perspectives: 

More New Titles at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are the latest new titles to hit the shelves at Jura:

Anarchism: a Beginners Guide, Ruth Kinna, $28
Atamansha: Story of Maria Nikiforova, the Anarchist Jone of Arc, $18
Guillotine at Work, G Maximoff (Back in Stock) HB, $31
Leninism or Marxism, R Luxemburg, $5
My Disillusionment in Russia, E Goldman, (Back in Stock) $23
History of the Maknovist Movement, (New printing at a higher price - a few are still at Jura for $16), P Arshinov $37
What Every Radical Should Know, V Serge, $16

Ciao, Sid.

New titles at Jura

Hi peoples,
here are some of the new titles (and a few of the back in stock- BIS-) at Jura, fresh and juicy, just picked, packed, and ready for you :

Direct Action, D. Graeber $38.50
Possibilities, " (BIS) $35.50
A Living Revolution, J. Horrox $29.50
Sexual Politics of Meat, C. J Adams (BIS) $37.50
Checkbook and the Cruise Missile, A. Roy (BIS) $27.50
Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire, " " $22.50
Public Power in the Age of Empire, " " $14.50
The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labour and Capital, $22
No God's No Masters, D Guerin (BIS) $37.50
Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements G. Katsiafias $29.50
Toolbox for Sustainable Living, J. Martinez (BIS) $27
Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules for Gender and Conformity, R. Dunbar-Ortiz $27

See you there...