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July newsletter

Dear Jura friends and supporters,

As you might remember, the bank that holds the mortgage for our property has called in the loan. We have to pay the $15,000 that remains as soon as possible, or we will lose our building. So we have put together the SAVE JURA RAFFLE, with some fantastic prizes:

1st prize: A rare screeprinted artwork worth $700 (pictured at http://www.jura.org.au/savejura). This large framed Nosey/Possum original comes from the Jura poster collection. Produced in the Tin Sheds in the 1980s, it is one of only a small number of remaining prints. A fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Sydney's political and artistic history - and an inspiring vision of the future. The text on the poster reads: "when the wealth of the land is shared by all; when the tools belong to those who use them; then we will make a new world."
2nd: $500 worth of books from Jura Books.
3rd: $200 book pack from Glebe Books.
4th: $160 book pack from the Co-op Bookshop.
5th: Weekend for 2 in the heart of Byron Bay 1 minute from the beach and the main street, quiet leafy green treed setting. Includes light breakfast, dates negotiable.
6th: 8 dozen vegan cupcakes by Riseup Baking.
7th: A four course, Italian organic banquet for 6 people.
8th: 5 x $20 organic food vouchers from Alfalfa House.
9th: 4 cases of Guinness.
10th: 20 free pie and coffee vouchers redeemable at Funky Pies in Bondi.
11th: 60 political posters pasted up in the Sydney suburb of your choosing.
12th: A selection of radical t-shirts from Corporate-Greed.
13th: Hand-made jewellery.
14th: A large screen TV.
15th: Copies of each of the prize-winning entries to the Jura Poster Competition, signed by the artists.


---> 2 entries $10.00
---> 5 entries for $20.00
---> 20 entries for $50.00
---> 40 entries $80.00
---> 60 entries $100.00
---> 130 entries $200.00

Buying entries is is easy:

---> Use your own internet banking and transfer directly into our bank account. (See www.jura.org.au)
---> Or email us at jura@jura.org.au and we will get back to you and organise as many entries as you want.

Also, if you have any friends or workmates who might be willing to buy some raffle entries to save Jura, please let us know!

For full details go to http://www.jura.org.au/savejura

Also on at Jura this month:

---> Monthly acoustic night - featuring Nice Verdes and others. 7pm, Thurs 26th June. By donation.
---> Jura IT working bee. 1pm, Sat 27th June.
---> Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle - a new political discussion group. The topic is 'The Economic Crisis: Class Responses and Solutions'. 2pm, Sun 28th June. For more details go to http://www.jura.org.au/event
---> Benefit gig for the animal rights section of the Jura library, featuring: Earthlings (vegan hardcore), The Thaw (post-art vegan electro poseurs) and Intentions (animal loving indie rockers). 7pm, Sat 11th July. $6 donation.
---> Food co-op every week - order your great value, organic fruit and vegie boxes from Alfalfa House. http://www.jura.org.au/foodcoop
---> Library - the Jura library is open again, come in and browse or borrow whenever we are open. For more details check out http://www.jura.org.au/library

We host great events like these every month, not to mention running a not-for-profit volunteer bookshop with thousands of titles you won't find anywhere else. But we won't be able to do any of this unless we save jura. Please buy some raffle tickets now!

Thank you for all your past and future support,

The Jura Collective

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening times:
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm

June newsletter

Hi Jura Books friends,

Jura and Black Rose Books are proud to present the first Sydney Anarchist Film Festival. We are showing 14 great films over the queens birthday long weekend (5th - 8th June). The films include tasty rarities as well as anarchist smash hits. One highlight is 'Lucio Anarquista' - a 2007 film about an anarchist worker who brought the most powerful bank on the planet to its knees. Tickets are only $8 per film ($5 concession) or get a gold pass to the entire festival for $30 ($25 concession).

Film Festival Program
Friday 5th June:
-> 6pm: An evening of local short films (at Black Rose)
Saturday 6th June:
-> 12pm: Manufacturing Consent (Jura); Living Utopia (Black Rose)
-> 3pm: Angry Brigade (Jura); Viva Zapata (Black Rose)
-> 6pm: Born in Flames (Jura); Panther (Black Rose)
Sunday 7th June:
-> 12pm: Paris is Burning (Jura); This Revolution (Black Rose)
-> 3pm: Libertarias (Jura); Land and Freedom (Black Rose)
-> 6pm: Free Voice of Labour (Jura); The Weather Underground (Black Rose)
Monday 8th June:
-> 6pm: Lucio Anarquista (at Jura)

For full details and descriptions of each film click here.

Also for film fanatics, Jura has just received a new shipment of political DVDs. These include Rocking the Foundations, The Hacktivists, Helen's war, Intervention Katherine NT, Wanja, I remember 1948, Stolen Generations, Temple of dreams, Two Mums and a Dad, Lockout and River of No Return. For a full list, descriptions and prices, click here.

Our monthly acoustic music night is also on from 7.30pm, this Thursday 28th May at Jura. 'Rascal & Bones' and 'A Dire Dawn' will be playing. Bring a piece of wood with strings, a tube with holes, your humble vocal chards or just your ears to listen!

And it would be great if you could come to the G20 Solidarity Trivia Night. Three activists (two of them Sydney-based) are going to trial on charges from the G20 protests in Melbourne in 2006. These include aggravated burglary - a serious charge which can carry a ten-year sentence. The action in question took place at a defence force recruitment centre and the Tenix offices (a military contractor); it lasted 10 minutes and involved nothing more than red glitter and water pistols! One person is already in jail as a result of charges relating to actions at G20. The Trivia Night starts at 7pm, Tues 2nd June at The Workshop, 16 Sloane St, Newtown.

Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening times:
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm


Sydney Internationalist Discussion Group

In the present world situation with economic chaos engulfing the world the working class is slowly regaining its consciousness and sense of combatively so heavily dampened by the “collapse of communism” and the “end of history”. At this time it is important to try and actively contribute to this development given that class consciousness is not something that develops in a purely spontaneous or linear and mechanistic way.

Discussion circles and groups as an essential part of the proletariat's effort to develop its class consciousness through trying to understand the meaning and implications of the crises of capitalism by analysing and reconnecting with the history and positions of the workers movement. The work of discussion circles is thus of real importance to the future development of the proletariat's understanding of its historical role, reappropriating the lessons of history and breaking down the barriers of the political isolation of individuals.

"A [discussion] circle is an open coming together of workers, who meet because they want to discuss and clarify political questions. They are places which the proletariat creates in order to push forwards its consciousness ... They express the consciousness of the class, showing that it is not willing to accept the crisis and the bankruptcy of capitalism without resistance; that it wants to defend itself against the attacks of the capitalist system. Also, they express an attempt to search for ways to fight back and to develop a revolutionary perspective...


"The goal of a discussion circle is the political clarification of the individual participants ...

"What's proletarian about a discussion circle is not a common 'local' programme but the common will to discuss and clarify. Thus, a discussion circle isn't the same as a political group with a fixed programme. Rather it is a place, a meeting place for political clarification." (ICC, WR n° 207, 'Discussion circles in the working class: a world-wide phenomenon').

It is on this basis that we are currently attempting to organise a discussion group open to all workers and students willing to participate, to come together, not on common political positions but rather on the basis of a common desire to address the challenges facing the working class and humanity as a whole today through discussion, debate and mutual clarification. This task cannot fall to one or two individuals alone; it must be the collective effort of a group of individuals, albeit small, in searching for concrete solutions to the challenges faced by the working class and the whole of humanity today.

Anyone interested or willing to take part are invited to confirm their interest by emailing N.Rossi@live.com.au

Any questions, comments or criticisms are also warmly welcomed.



Political Perspectives: 

May Day - let's play!

Dear Jura friends and supporters,

Cracks are growing in the empire of global capitalism. Bosses are trying to maintain their profits in the face of environmental and economic meltdown. Meanwhile, workers around the world are occupying their workplaces and rioting in the streets. May Day is international day of the workers - a day to celebrate and re-invigorate our fight for social justice. The date commemorates a general strike in Chicago 1886, when four anarchists were killed by the State for their political beliefs. 123 years later the struggle continues to end capitalism and create a world based on workers' control. We'd love you to join us at our May Day celebrations...

-> Our monthly acoustic night, this time featuring Kitty In the Well and others. Everyone is invited to come along, play some music, recite a poem, bring some food (or eat ours). >> 7pm, Thurs 30th April.

-> May Day party for the grand re-opening of the Jura Library! The Jura library has been closed for two years. Now, after dozens of working bees, and thousands of hours and dollars provided by volunteers and supporters in the Jura community, we have a beautiful new library space! For photos and more about the library check out http://www.jura.org.au/library . Come and party with us, read books, and plan the revolution. >> 6pm, Fri 1st May.

-> Join other Sydney anarchists marching together in the May Day rally - look for the red and black flag and/or bring your own. We'll gather on the eastern side of Hyde Park fountain. >> 12pm Sun 3rd May, Hyde Park.

-> Rock'n'roll in the library. Daniel Striped Tiger (USA) playing a raucous show with Bare Arms, All my circuits (Melbourne) and Epitomes (Nowra). Random book readings between bands. Scrumptious vegan dinner and show only $10! All ages and species welcome. >> 6pm, Tues 5th May.

-> A new anarchist film is showing at the Spanish Film Festival - The Anarchist's Wife. Set during the harrowing years of the Spanish Civil War, this drama tells the story of one young couple?s love in the face of terrible obstacles. For more details: http://www.spanishfilmfestival.com/sydney/films_war3.html . Jura will have a book stall outside each cinema for a couple of hours before each screening. >> 6.45pm, Sun 10th May, Palace Paddington. >> 4.15pm, Sun 17th May at Palace Norton St, Leichardt.

-> Gig featuring Cougar Flashy (Melbourne), Polyfox, the Union of the Most Ghosts, and others. >> 4pm, Sun 17th May

Also, get ready for the first Sydney anarchist film festival - a joint production of Jura and Black Rose, over the Queen's Birthday long weekend (5-8 June).

And finally, please don't forget that we still need your help to pay off our mortgage. See below for fundraising updates and details on how to donate, and put some of your $900 cash handout towards something worthwhile...

Love and rage from the Jura Collective.

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Opening times:
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm


Radical responses to the financial meltdown convergence meeting

At 1830 on Tuesday the 14th, around ten people met in Jura books to discuss a conference/convergence on radical class responses to the financial meltdown. There was some discussion on individuals politics and perspectives on what is currently going on. This fed into the different ideas people have for a conference/convergence and who should take part in it.
A general feeling I got was that people want to create an event over 1 or 2 days. There individuals and groups can meet to discuss common politics and general trends in resistance as well as have workshops and do some organising. What specifically would happen will become clearer as more people get involved and help shape it themselves.
Discussion was had on the people and groups to be invited to be involved. This basically led to people taking it on themselves to invite who they thought was relevant, to the next organising meeting. Broadly radical groups as well as not-so-radical groups with radical elements should atttend. Specific Trotskyite groups with particularly damaging sectarian politics were mentioned as being pointless and even nonsensical to invite (if they'd even want to take part).
The next organising meeting was tentatively slated to be at the ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) headquarters in Erskinville on Monday the 27th of April at 1830.

Political Perspectives: 

Acoustic and amplified sounds

Dear Jura friends,

Come along to a night of acoustic music, put on by Jura Books and friends, on Thursday 26th March, from 7pm. Hopefully this will become a regular monthly event where you will be able to enjoy the un-amplified sounds of a variety of local musicians; entry is by donation. You're welcome to listen or play or both!

Check out the Jura and Black Rose Books joint stall at the smARTarts Youth Arts & Cultural Festival. The festival is on Saturday 4th April, 12.30 to 6.30pm, at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, 64 Pine St, Chippendale. This youth arts event will showcase creative talent and initiatives of people aged 15 - 26 yrs. It's part of national youth week and will feature live music on 2 stages, roving street performers & live art demonstrations. For more info check out: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/pinestreet/Youthprogram/smartArts.html

You've still got 2 weeks to catch the Jura cheap month - our giant book sale with 10% to 50% off everything in the shop, plus hundreds of second hand books for $1 each. Ends 5pm, Sunday 29th March.

Also, Mutiny zine is turning three! To celebrate you're invited to a party at Black Rose Books (22 Enmore Rd, Newtown) at 7pm on April 17. Mutiny is a Sydney-based zine which aims to explore different avenues of disobedience and resistance, and to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions and  experiences. Mutiny is available for free every month on paper and online at http://www.jura.org.au/mutiny

Also on this month at Jura:
-->A number of anarcho-syndicalist discussion events. For more details visit http://www.jura.org.au
-->Library meeting and working bee: 12pm-5pm, 21st March.
-->Jura Collective meeting: 3pm, 28th March. Volunteers are always needed!
-->The Jura Food Co-op continues: Fresh, seasonal organic fruit and veg. Order by Sunday 5pm, pick up your box on Friday 3pm-7pm or Saturday 12pm-3pm. For more info check out: http://www.jura.org.au/foodcoop

Love and rage,
The Jura Books Collective


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Dear friend,

You're receiving this email because you know or have crossed paths with one of the people or groups involved with Jura Books - radical bookshop, library and organising space. We thought you might be interested in getting our monthly email newsletter - it's just one email per month letting you know about films, gigs, political talks, sales and other special events at Jura. If you want to get the newsletter, just email jura[at]jura.org.au with 'subscribe' in the subject line, or go to http://www.jura.org.au/subscribe

The Jura Books Collective

---Who are we?---
Jura Books is a not-for-profit, collectively run, anarchist space located at 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersam, Sydney. We have been going for 31 years.


We have thousands of books you won't find anywhere else - anarchist, enviro, feminist, libertarian socialist, history, fiction and more.

We show films, have gigs, spoken word nights and political forums. All are welcome to come along and enjoy these cheap, alternative events. Some of our recent events include: a Zapatista book launch and video link up, a womyn's hip-hop show, and a political art exhibition.

---Organising space---

Jura is a base and resource for many activist groups, and we also try to prefigure the world we want to create. Recently we've hosted an eco-workers group, a womyn's group and Food Not Bombs. We also run an organic food co-op.

Our recently renovated library is a unique resource of left-libertarian books and journals that you won't find anywhere else. We also maintain an archive of political posters.

---Opening hours---
Wed, Thurs and Fri: 2pm-7pm. Sat and Sun: 12-5pm



January new titles

Hi everyone,
here are some more of the recent arrivals at Jura:
Earth First! (journal) $7
Chainbreaker Bike Book (maintenance)$25
Anarchist Panther zine $5
-(a massive book from AK - the long awaited! ) Anarchist FAQ Vol 1 Iain McKay $34.50
I love Animals and Broccoli (kid's colouring book) $8.50
Veganomicon the ultimate vegan cookbook H/b $45
Dead in their Track Crossing America's Desert Borderlands $23
Indestructible (teen novella) $10
The Pornography of Meat $27.50
Endgame Vol2 $32
The Sexual Politics of Meat $30
Getting by on the Minimum the Lives of Working Women $44.50

Wobblies and the Zapatistas $30
Doris Anthology..oops..just sold..
Individual Doris zines, #s 23,24,25 $3
the W Effect: Bush's War on Women $24
the Anti-christ: Nietzsche $11
Getting Off, Pornography and the end of masculinity $19
the Milk of Human Kindness: defending breast feeding $23
Bakunin: a Biography (new much lower price, still h/b) $30
The Zinester's Guide to Portland $7.5
HOw fast it all blows up: lessons from the 2001 Cincinnati Riots $4
Jane: documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 $4.50

...and lots of other new titles, too...

Don't forget the fantastic,and cheap, Slingshot Organisers - only 3 large left, but plenty of the compact size, in loads of colours - $16 & $9. Also we have run out of the 3CR calendar with lots of Jura posters in it, but there are three other political calendars there to choose from. And there is a beautiful diary also available.

Slingshots, Land and Freedom

Hi Jura Books friends,

There's an easy way to make your friends and families happy, and at the
same time support alternative politics instead of the usual capitalist

Political Perspectives: