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Hip Hop High Tea, Climate Action

Lots is happening at Jura in the next month...

Coming up on Sunday 8th June, from 2pm: Hip Hop high tea at Jura Books. An
arvo of vegan high tea, popping lessons with the elegant shelly and
hip-hop sounds from secret special guests! This shall be followed by a
discussion of gender, and subversion of gender, in hip-hop and dance.

On Saturday 14th June, from 2pm, there'll be a film screening and
about the Camp for Climate Action. The camp will
be five days of inspiring workshops and direct action aimed at shutting down the
world's largest coal port in Newcastle (July 10-15). If you're concerned about
climate change, and want real action instead of more hot air, then we encourage
you to come to the camp and bring your friends and family! Want to find out more
and meet people who are going? Come to Jura on Saturday 14th June. We'll be
showing an inspirational one hour documentary about the need for radical
action and the 2006 Camp for Climate Action which happened in the shadow of one
of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in

Out in the community, we've got two book stalls planned for the next

1) 11am-1.45pm, Sunday 18th May outside Palace Cinema on Norton
, where a new film about a Spanish anarchist is screening: Lucio - "There
are many anarchists in the world, but few have discussed strategies with Che
Guevara, saved the skin of Eldridge Cleaver (the leader of the Black Panthers),
and also brought to its knees the most powerful bank on the planet by forging
travellers cheques, without missing a single day of work in his construction

2) 11am-5pm, Sunday 25th May at the Sydney
Writers Festival zine fair
, Museum of Contemporary Art.

Food Not Bombs is continuing
to use the Jura kitchen fortnightly to prepare food that would otherwise go to
waste. Come and help with the preparation at Jura (from 1pm), or come and help
eat the food from 4pm on the corner of Forbes St and King St, Newtown.
Next dates are 17th May and 31st May. All welcome!

Come along to our working bees, where we'll be sanding and painting
the floor, and fixing the skirting boards - the final touches on the library
renovations. Saturday 17th May and Saturday 7th June, from 12pm.

The Jura Food Co-op continues to provide people with affordable,
organic fruit and vegie boxes. Order yours or find out more by emailing jurafoodcoop@riseup.net

Alarm youth anarchist
will be holding a meeting at Jura on Saturday 7th June. All

After many meetings and much discussion (thanks again to all who
participated in the survey!), the Jura Collective has drawn up a new
strategic plan
! Read it here. It lays out our goals for the
bookshop, library, organising space, property, finances and more.

Here is the vision from the plan:

"At Jura Books, we are working to create a radically different world: one
based on freedom, equality and justice for everyone, as well as environmental
sustainability for all life on the planet. We believe this can only be achieved
by an organised and politically conscious social movement, based on
participatory democracy and workers control. Our collective will help to build
this movement.

"This (already growing) movement will revolutionise mainstream political
ideology, and will develop alternative social structures. We will work to
establish this new political consciousness in Australia, by putting the ideas of
anarchism, libertarian socialism, social ecology and anarcha-feminism on the
political agenda in Sydney. This means bringing these ideas to ever-widening
circles of people. We will also prefigure and nurture the alternative social
structures through the structures and activities of our collective. This means
creating a physical and social space that is liberating, safe, imbued with our
anarchist politics, and a joy to be in. So we will focus both outward and inward
in order to build a transformative social movement. We will work with other
groups to achieve our shared vision of a better world. Jura Books has been, and
will continue to help and encourage campaigns and like-minded groups which may
or may not include members of our collective. In order to build the movement,
the collective must expand so we will actively seek new members and new ideas.
We operate as an organised, participatory democratic, volunteer

"The core projects of the Jura Books collective are i) the bookshop, ii)
the library, and iii) the workers control centre / community organising centre.
Other activities related to these projects are: holding stalls, running
campaigns, improving our website, putting on events (talks, gigs, films,
performances), improving the space, and publishing pamphlets.

"Freedom without socialism is privilege, socialism without freedom is

And finally, everyone is welcome at the Jura Collective Meeting at
12pm on Saturday 31st May.

Wow - so many great events! To see them all in calendar form, check out
our website calendar.

May News

Hi everyone,
It has been very busy over the past few weeks at Jura.
*-* The Talk and Text day went really well: lots of people turned up, Jeremy has written a report elsewhere, so no more here.
*-* The cup cake and politics morning tea was really well attended and is a great initiative. Rumour has it that another one will happen next month...stay tuned.
*-* Food Not Bombs is cooking up a storm each fortnight in the Jura kitchen for their Newtown gig...and supplying some tasty treats for Jura events, too.
*-* The major Jura (strategic) document that was begun at the open Planning Day is just about ready to be made public: great work done by many people on this.
*-* We have several new members in the collective: Katrina, Luke, Andrew, Fez, who isn't mentioned.....? Great to have them all on board...really good people.
*-* The new Sydney regional Anarchist-Communist Group is actively preparing its organisational structure. They meet at Jura so keep an eye on the events listing on the front page of this site.
*-* the Jura Organic Food Coop is building up really well. About a dozen households are in at the moment: if you live locally, and want some great organic fruit & vegs...why not join up.

Wow...heaps happening, and I probably missed out some of the things..
Ciao, Sid.

Cusp of March/April news...

Hi all,
here's a brief report on several issues:

Firstly, the Jura Planning Day that was hosted Jura Collective and was open to all, about 20 people came - an excellent turnout for that sort of event. Besides Jurans & ARI people, Food Not Bombs, Black Rose & Mutiny folk came along - thanks for all that input. Great facilitation by Jeremy was appreciated by all & minutes taken by Andrew - great work.

We heard reports about where Jura was at now, some possible trajectories if current matters continue (like book sales, contact lists, finances) and a report about our on line survey.
Book sales and accounts are healthy and growing, the Overhead Bills account is OK, but needs to sustain its input, and the ARI Building fund is very depleated, and needs lots.

Then the group explored implications for the future of these reports for Jura and other issues about future directions for the Jura project.

& yummy food and cakes from Kat (mmmm mmmm really nice).
It was a great afternoon's work - thanks to all.

Fundraising report:
As for the latest (added) fundrainisg efforts:
New donations have been from the punk gig ($230)and personal donations from SS ($1000) and PS ($500). So we need to still raise about $1000 to cover the extra expenses due to the (old) termite damage that was detected as we undertook repairs to the building.

Thanks to all who have contributed (both money and time and effort) to keeping Jura going and to improving the building.

Building Works:
Two great and productive working bees have been held in the past few days. Jeremy, and I am not sure who else as I wasn't there, have been doing a great job in preparing the plaster on the walls of the library for painting, which is going on as this is being written.

On Tuesday Shane & I have finished all the roofing and guttering - no more downpour when entering the back door when it rains! The difficult back door was aslo fixed by Shane. Also, all the cornices have been put up in the library, and the access hole built.
In the next week or two, the skirting boards will be fitted in all the upstairs rooms and there will be a return of the sign out side the shop.

Yea!!!!!we'll soon be able to set the library up again as a borrowing library, and have the space also available for meetings, films, and other events.

Melbourne Convergence:
Last Friday's Jura Collective meeting heard great news from the convergence in Melbourne that has prepared the way for establishing a Regional Anarchist Federation. Much work to do, but all who went came back very excited about the weekend's work ....I think they may have had a bit of fun too....
Another meeting will be held in Sydney in a couple of weeks to begin organising and building towards the next Regional Meeting in a year's time(to be held at Jura). I didn't go to Melbourne, but the plan is to establish the local areas first and then build a Federation from that base (rather than top down).
Ciao, Sid.

Open Jura Planning Day & Donations

Hi all,
Last Sunday the Jura Collective hosted a Planning Day that was open to all, with 17 people turning up - an excellent turnout for that sort of event. Besides Jurans & ARI people, Food Not Bombs, Black Rose & Mutiny folk came along - thanks to all that input.

We heard reports about where Jura was at now, some possible trajectories if current matters continue (like book sales, contact lists, finances) and a report about our on line survey. Then the group explored implications for the future of these reports for Jura and other issues about future directions for the Jura project.

& yummy food and cakes from Kat (mmmm mmmm really nice).
It was a great afternoon's work - thanks to all.

As for the latest (added) fundrainisg efforts:
New donations have been from the punk gig ($230)and personal donations from SS ($1000) and PS ($500).

Thanks to all who have contributed (both money and time and effort) to keeping Jura going and to improving the building.
Ciao, Sid.

Plans, politics and cupcakes

Dear Jura Books friends,

Lots is happening in the next month...

More working bee news

Hi all,
it was great to hear of the progress of the working bee last Sunday - thanks to all.
Shane & I went in to do some more work yesterday, here is a report:
Main job was to fix the increasingly bad leaks from rain in the back room - we think we did it. But when we went onto the roof, it suddenly sunk a little - nervy situation! As it turned out, a major timber beam that supported the roof had old termite damange and gave way. That has been the problem all along - the roof corner under the kitchen window had sunk about 8cm, so rain flowed back towards the wall instead of away and to the gutter.

It took all day to replace the timber and put in new iron work, loads of silicon etc...should be fixed now - we just need rain to test it out.

Unfortunately (1), we put a foot through the ceiling in trying to support the roof while replacing the damaged timber....you may notice a repair job in the ceiling of the back room, too. At least until the plastering and painting is finished.

Unfortunately (2), having to do all that extra work meant that we did not have enough time to do the work in the library...had to leave it for next week.

If any more donations can come through, please send it to our account (on the website) or by mail to Jura. All this extra work due to the old termite damage (in the library ceiling and now the backroom ceiling) has cost more than budgeted for.
Ciao, Sid.

February news around Jura

Hi everyone,
There are a few things to comment on:
1. Although I wasn't there, from all the reports about the Black Rose/Jura Punk gig/benefit, it went extremely well. The event was out doors - out the back at Jura. Lots of people an energy, music, food, good times, & books sold & money raised for both.

2. Ramsey formerly from AK Press is in town and will be giving a talk/discussion just before the next Jura Collective meeting: Ramsey's talk is from 5-6pm, Thursday 21st February - next week. All welcome & the topic is:
Current anarchist publishing: about some of the latest titles that have come out in the past year or so:
*at AK Press,
*other anarchist publishers around the world - for example, Kate Sharpley Library publications, Black Rose of Canada,
*& other exotic and/or interesting titles,
This will also include comments about Ramsey's new publishing venture: PM Press.

3. The next Jura Collective meeting is on Thursday, 21st Feb, from 6-8pm.

4. Althoiugh we have come across quite a bit of extra work that we did not anticipate, such as old termite damage and extra roof repairs (there are leaks in the back room), the building repairs are going on all the time, but there is a specific Working Bee on Sunday, 17th February, from 12 Noon. Please come if you can, even if it's only for an hour or two.

Ciao, Sid.

Collective brewing - Saturday the 16th, noon

Are you sick of that yucky aftertaste of sexist ads and continent-wide homogenisation of styles which you get after emptying a draft of commercial ale or lager into you trap? Well then come to Jura this Saturday the 16th of February to learn how you can make your own beer from scratch.
I'll start a short while after noon and will brew an ale from barley, malt, hops and pure Sydney water. Come along and watch and learn!


What do you think?

Hi everyone,

What do you think Jura Books should prioritise over the next few years? Please take 10 minutes to fill in our short electronic survey about the future of Jura Books - we really want your input, and as an incentive, everyone who fills in a survey will go into the running to win a prize of books and magazines worth $50.
>>Take the survey by clicking here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=5j_2bOAwxS4xhQWKHnYTIwJA_3d_3d

The results of the survey and other ideas about Jura’s strategic direction will be discussed at our planning workshop, lunch provided. Everyone is welcome to participate – no matter what your involvement with Jura has been. If you want to see a draft of our plan click here. Change the world - what do you think?
>>Planning workshop, 1pm, Sat 8th March

Coming up sooner is an eco-workers skillshare. Hear speakers on being a change agent and fostering sustainable behaviour in your workplace, the role of multinationals in ‘fair trade’, and see the new film, Squeezed: The cost of free trade in the Asia Pacific.
>>Eco-workers skillshare, 1pm, Sat 2nd Feb

For the more musically inclined, there is a joint Jura and Black Rose fundraising gig, $8 or $5 concession. Lineup: The Assassination Collective (Melbourne), Subverts, and Say Cheese and Die. Wicked…
>>Punk gig, 1pm, Sun 10th Feb

The library renovations are almost finished, with most of the plastering complete and a new ceiling installed. But of course we would still love your help at the next working bee!
>>Painting working bee, 12pm, Sun 17th Feb

Sydney Food Not Bombs has been using the Jura kitchen every fortnight to prepare yummy free vegetarian food for people around the city. FNB is a worldwide movement committed to reducing food wastage, and campaigning for access to food, water, shelter and education, NOT more guns and bombs. For more info check out their blog...
>>Food Not Bombs: http://sydfoodnotbombs.blogspot.com

The Jura Vegie Boxes are starting to arrive at Jura with cheap, organic vegies every Thursday. To join in, just send an email...
>>Jura Vegie Boxes: jurafoodcoop@riseup.net

Finally, there is lots of great new stock in the bookshop, click here to check it out.

Lots of fun stuff to see and do - all at Jura Books!

The Jura Collective
440 Parramatta Rd
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Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 2-7pm
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm

New titles in the bookshop

Check out these great new books...

Ben Fletcher: the Life and Times of a Black Wobbly: $26
Big Red Songbook (IWW) $34 (280 pp)
Little Red Songbook (IWW) $8
Rambling Kid,a novel about the IWW $26
Anarchist Morality: Kropotkin $9.50
Days of War Nights of Love $19.50
Government is Violence, Tolstoy $30.50
Provo: Amsterdam's Anarchist Revolt $25.50
The End of the Street: Sustainable Growth Within Natural Limits, $39
Raft of the Medusa: Five Voices on Colonies, Nations & Histories $26
From Political Economy to Anthropology: Situating Economic Life in Past Societies $29
Girlhood: Redefining the Limits, $26
World Revolution 1917-1937, CLR James, $41
Regulation of Desire: Homo & Hetro Sexualities, $25
Work and Madness: the Rise of Community Psychiatry, $19