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Always look on the bright side of life

Hi Jura Books friends and supporters,

There are four great events coming up that we'd love to see you at...

1) Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
Film Screening organised by SACT, this Sat 15th Nov, 5pm, Jura Books. Entry by donation.

This film is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war. Acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed and Uncovered) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

NEW YORK TIMES: 'a horrifying catalogue of greed, corruption and incompetence'
HUFFINGTON POST:'Greenwald, the master of the issue-doc, has delivered a film that connects on both an emotional and an intellectual level. And, most importantly, it does so by letting the facts - and the victims of the war's privatization - speak for themselves.' Arianna Huffington

2) Walk Against Warming
Take action this Sat, 15th Nov, 11am, Martin Place.
Join thousands in a walk for renewable energy and a safe climate future. With vital decisions being made this year, it is crucial to fight now for urgent action and justice for those affected by climate change. Look for members of the Jura and Mutiny Collectives handing out a free anarchist paper on climate change.

3) Paolo Finzi talks on Anarchism in Italy
International guest speaker, Sat 22nd Nov, 6pm, Jura Books. Entry by donation.

Paolo Finzi has been a member of the editorial staff of the anarchist monthly magazine "A" since its foundation in 1971. He has written two books about the Italian anarchist militants Errico Malatesta and Alfonso Failla. Recently he produced a DVD and CD about the Italian anarchist folksinger Fabrizio De André. His last production was a double DVD (with booklet) about the Nazi extermination of the Gypsies.

In his talk at Jura Books he'll speak about the situation and perspectives of the Italian anarchist movement and will discuss with the audience the international situation and the role of anarchists. On demand, he may speak also about the history of Gypsies, their persecution along the centuries (expecialy during the Nazi regime) and the behaviour of Italian government against them today.

4) 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' and 'Lock Out The Landlords'.

Double Trouble Book Launch with author Iain McIntyre, Sat 29th Nov, 6pm, Jura Books. Entry by donation.

Iain McIntyre is the author of two excellent new publications from Homebrew Books. He will launch both books with a brief talk and a screening of archival footage from the AIDEX '91 anti-arms fair protests and 'Evictions', a film by Richard Lowenstein about anti-eviction struggles during the Great Depression. Discussion will follow.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of LIfe: The AIDEX '91 Story (144 pp):

In November 1991 over 1000 protesters blockaded the National Exhibition Centre in Canberra for 12 days with the aim of shutting down the Australia International Defence Exhibition. AIDEX ’91 saw the most police violence and highest number of arrests in the ACT since the Vietnam era. Although the exhibition was eventually able to go ahead the blockade caused enough disruption to ensure that no one would dare hold another arms fair on this scale in Australia again. The success of the protest came at a cost however with hundreds of demonstrators injured and their actions vilified in the mainstream media.

Alongside a detailed account of the protest itself the book traces the background of the blockade amidst the growth of opposition to the Australian arms industry during the 1980s. Using the words of the protesters themselves the book also explores the lessons of AIDEX ’91, the effect of the protest on a generation of Australian activists and the way in which similar strategies were used to stop the 2008 Asia Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition from occurring. The book features many photos from both the AIDEX ’89 and ’91 protests.

Lock Out The Landlords: Eviction Resistance, 1929-36 (44pp):

The economic depression of the 1930s saw thousands of Australians thrown out of their homes and into the streets. These actions however did not go unopposed. Across Australia pickets, occupations and protests were organised to disrupt and prevent evictions and auctions. Where these failed some took matters into their own hands wrecking the properties of landlords and real estate agents in revenge. This pamphlet chronicles just some of the many struggles that took place. It includes a chronology of actions as well as photos and quotes from those involved providing a fascinating insight into the events of the time. Originally released in 1997 this second edition adds photos and more detailed listings.

Both publications are available from Jura Books.


Fundraising update

A huge thankyou to everyone who has already donated to our fundraising drive! So far we have raised $1,500. This is a great start, but we need to keep going if we are going to make it to our $30,000 target. Please donate now to help us pay off the mortgage and make Jura sustainable.
>>Transfer money into our bank account using your own internet banking - email us for details.
>> Come in to Jura to donate in person
>> Post a cheque or money order made out to Jura Books
>> Use Paypal (jura@jura.org.au);

Thanks for your support and your help,

The Jura Collective.

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

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Wednesday 2-7pm
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Political Perspectives: 

Make Jura Sustainable!

Dear Jura friends and supporters,

We have been presented with a crisis and an opportunity, and we need your help.

The bank that holds the mortgage for our property has called in the loan. They have asked us to pay $5,000 immediately and the rest - another $15,000 - as soon as possible.

June newsletter - Time for Climate Action

Dear Jura Books friends,

Climate change is now accepted reality. Leading scientists across the
world agree that we have less than 10 years to prevent a 2-3 degree
rise in temperature that will lead to irreversible climatic changes
with grim consequences for our planet. But in a world driven by
profit and committed to unlimited economic growth, humanity seems
unwilling to change the course of the fossil fuel economy. In
Australia, coal exports are the biggest contribution to global
climate change - producing as much greenhouse pollution as all
domestic sources combined. The time to act is now...

This Saturday (14th June), at 2pm, Jura Books is showing Reclaim Power
- an inspiring short documentary film about the 2006 UK Climate Camp.
600 people set up a 10 day camp culminating in mass direct action
against one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired
power station in Yorkshire. The film will be followed by discussion
and a talk from Holly Creenaune (member of Friends of the Earth
Sydney and of the climate camp organising collective).

We're showing the film in the lead up to the Camp for Climate Action
in Newcastle, which is on from 10th-15th July. Why not come along to
this important action? Another event in the lead up to the Camp is a
public forum on Thursday June 19th at Footbridge Theatre, University
of Sydney, 6.30pm. George Monbiot will be speaking - UK author of
Heat, The Age of Consent and Bring on the Apocalypse; Guardian
journalist and activist. He will speak about fossil fuels in the
growth economy and peaceful direct action in the movement to stop
climate change.

History has shown everyday people can create change through direct
action. The Camp for Climate Action will be one such opportunity.

There's also another great event on at Jura this weekend, from 1pm,
Sunday (15th June): Every letter a bullet - a punk gig benefit show
for Jura and Black Rose. Bands include Hee-Haw, Voting with Bricks,
Melaleuca Memorial, Do not resuscitate, and Squid. $5 donation.

Also, pick up Time Out Sydney magazine this week to see a short
article about Jura Books on page 7. The magazine describes itself as
an independent arts and entertainment guide. Great to have Jura
publicised! $4 in Newsagents from Wednesday 11th June to Tuesday 17th
June. Check it out!

And there's lots of other great stuff happening at Jura:
>>Jura Food Co-op: Cheap organic vegie boxes every week. Email
jurafoodcoop at riseup.net to order.
>>Food not Bombs: Cooking in the Jura kitchen from 1pm and serving on
the corner of Forbes and King St, Newtown from 4pm, Sat 14th and Sat
28th June.
>>Sydney Anarchist Communist meetings: 1pm, 22nd June and 1pm, 6th
July at Jura. Contact: sydneyanarchistcommunistgroup at gmail.com

Also please note that our email list is changing names and moving
servers in order to make it more efficient. You may recieve a couple
of list information emails. Please add the address
jurabooks at jura.org.au to your address book, so that our emails can
get through your spam filter. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for reading!

September newsletter - Zapatista book launch

Jura is pleased to host a very exciting Zapatista related event this
Saturday (6th September), 1pm sharp: a book launch and live video
link up. Beyond Resistance: Everything is a new book containing an
interview with Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos – spokesperson
for the inspiring Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico. In a time of
political crisis and state repression of social movements, and
increasing environmental devastation, the Zapatistas have re-emerged
as a force for change. This time they are unarmed, coming down from
the mountains and out of the jungle to meet with Mexicans and people
from all over the world to organise a new force for anti-capitalist

This book marks a moment of change, one year into the Other Campaign.
It explores how the Zapatistas have seen and spoken about the
possibility of alternative politics in the US and the role of
migrants, people of colour and others from below in creating such a

The interview was carried out and published by El Kilombo, a
collective and community assembly in Durham, North Carolina, USA.
They will be speaking via live video link up at the book launch. Also
speaking via video link up will be the Centre for Political Analysis
and Socio-Economic Investigations in San Cristobal de las Casas in
Chiapas. They will talk about the latest attacks on the Zapatistas.
The Mexico Australia Solidarity Network in Sydney is putting on this
amazing book launch and video link up at Jura – don’t
miss it!

Also this month, the Jura Books poster competition is closing in just
a few weeks! Please submit an entry before the 30th September. We
have not received very many entries yet – which means you have
an even better chance of winning the $100 book prize pack, and the
eternal notoriety of 1000 copies of your design being produced. The
general theme of the poster should be to explore some aspect of the
past 30 years of radical struggle in Sydney, and/or imagine what you
would like the world to look like in 30 years time. The poster must
also relate to Jura Books in some way. Details are on the home page
of our website: www.jura.org.au

Jura is a hive of activity at the moment…
>>Regular Food Not Bombs preparation and servings from 1pm, Sat 6th
and Sat 20th Sept.
>>Sydney Anarchist Communist meetings – 12pm Sat 13th, 1.30pm
Sun 28th.
>>Anarchist Federation Banner Painting Working Bee – 1pm, Sat
13th Sept.
>>Digital Archiving of the Poster Collection – email
jura at jura.org.au to get involved
>>Organic Food Co-op – email jurafoodcoop at riseup.net to order a
vegie box or get involved
>>Anarchist Oral History Project – email jura at jura.org.au to get
>>Jura Collective Meeting – 5.30pm, this Friday 5th Sept, all
>>Jura Working Bee to move our new bookshelves around and sort the
library – 12-6pm, Thurs 18th, Fri 19th, and Sat 20th.

Finally, Jura needs a fridge repair person. If you know someone with
the appropriate skills who could volunteer their time – please
let us know!

July - Poster competition/celebration

Calling all imaginative and talented artists and activists! Could you
or someone you know create a political poster that can stand
alongside the great political posters of the past, and is also
meaningful and relevant to the future?

Jura Books is looking for artists of all ages, styles and levels of
experience to submit entries for a political poster design
competition. The general theme of the poster should be to explore
some aspect of the past 30 years of radical struggle in Sydney,
and/or imagine what you would like the world to look like in 30 years
time. The poster must also celebrate Jura Books in some way - past,
present and/or future, and include our name and website (or street
address) somewhere on the poster.

Jura Books has been operating as a center for social change and
innovation for 30 years, and we currently combine a bookshop,
library, food co-op and organising space. Over the years we have
supported a vast range of political collectives and struggles -
feminist, youth, enviro, art, publishing, workers control, and many
more. (More about our politics on our website.) We have put on hundreds of events,
from film nights and punk gigs to political actions and worker
organising conferences. Jura is also home to one of Australia's best
political poster archives (check out images and a radio story on our website).

The poster design competition is about commemorating this history, and
also building towards an even better future. The entries will be
exhibited at Jura and we will produce 1000 copies of the winning
design. The winner will also receive a book prize pack valued at
$100, as well as the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause, and
eternal fame/notoriety. The winning design will also be used to help
promote and raise money to improve Jura and the political poster

Visit our website for more details about the poster competition.

Please forward this news to any friends or comrades who might be

Also on at Jura this month:

2pm, Sun 3rd Aug, High Tech High Tea - An exploration of
technology and ways to build an alternative structure of media and
information technology. There'll be short films, electronic music
workshop, high tech vegan treats and discussion. This will be a
fundraiser for the Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective in Davao City,
Phillipines, and their new info shop / social centre.
1.30pm, Sun 3rd Aug Sydney Anarchist Communist meeting.
1pm, Sat 9th August, and 1pm Sat 23rd August Food not Bombs
preparation and serving
Organic Vegie Boxes - available from Jura for collection every
Friday (11-7pm) or Saturday (12-2pm). Order one week in advance by
emailing jurafoodcoop at riseup.net
12-5pm, Sat 9th Aug, Sat 16th Aug and Sun 17th Aug: Working bees.
Help us get our library going again!
12pm Sat 16th August, Jura Collective meeting. All welcome!

And last but definitely not least, Jura finally has a Safer Spaces
Policy. Check it out!

New members: longer opening hours

Hi everyone,
With more people helping out in and around Jura, heaps more events and actions are happening. And, just in case you missed the new opening hours: Jura is now also open on Wednesday. Thanks to Ash we are open for visitors from 3pm-7pm on Wednesday afternoon/evenings.
Seeya soon.

Fanya Baron Library & other Jura news

Well, the library is getting closer and closer to opening again. Volunteers have been putting heaps of work into cleaning, painting walls, fixing & painting skirting boards, floor polishing etc...Almost there now in terms of the space. Still heaps of work to sort out the books and to run the library, though. Lots more volunteers are needed, so please contact us.

Also, a week ago five of us went to collect & pay for the new shelves - so you will notice that the shop is looking a little full at the moment, with many of the shelves stored there and also in the back room (the organising space). This is because we couldn't fit them up the stairs - they are just too tall. There's more work to do, but, after about a year of negotiating & fundraising effort, the shelves are finally at Jura. That's the last of the, approx, $8-9,000 we raised last year to fix up the physical space at Jura - so thanks to all who did the work of running fundraising events, including the sale of ex-library books. And especially to all of you who came to the gigs and so generously donated funds.

Finally, there are heaps of events going on at Jura - join in for a mix of socialising and politics.

More New Titles for July

Hi all,
here are more new stuff at Jura:
From our friends at the Huon Valley Environment Centre, Tas. :
-------------------support the fight for our forests--------------------
- Various patches ('A' on a heart, Free the Land, Green Star....), $4 & $5
- Hoddies (all excellently well made & no sweat shop labour) : 'Defend Ancient Forests' (zipped) $60; 'Forestry Tasmania - Clearfelling Our Future' $55 - and other hoddies with different wording - all with an image.
- T-shirts (only small) various images $30.
- Forestry Forever CD various artists & songs $28 (fundraiser for them)
- various badges $4.
- 'Weld Angel' card pack with envelopes (5) (the Weld is a forest in Tas) $12

----- you have to see this Weld Angel - she's strong & beautiful------

- 'Weld Angel' poster (60x40mm) colour on glossy heavy paper $4
- 'The Upper Florentine' (40x60) " " $4
- 'A Beautiful Part of the Weld' (60x85mm) " " $6
- Direct Action Forest Handbook (with free patch) $6
- 'The Wild Weld' sticker $3
- zines: 2 issues of 'Havoc' -Free; 'Weld Echo 2008' - Free.

Other books:
- 'Picture Imperfect: Utopian Thought for an Anti-utopian Age, R. Jacoby H/back $30
- 'Travels in the Genetically Modified Zone' $9
- 'American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America, $10
- 'Indigenous Australian Writers' H/back $18
- 'Secret Histories - Finding George Orwell in a Burmese Teashop, $16
- 'The End of Oil', $12

Good reading to you...

July news

Hi everyone,
Besides all the very exciting events and various group meetings that are going on at Jura....
here are a few of the many new titles that have come in:

Firstly, some of the titles from the new venture of Ramsey Kenaan who set up AK Press (this new project concentrates on novels and music as Ramsey explained when he spoke at Jura earlier this year):
Greek Mafia: Mile Zero, Rick Dakan, Paperback, $21
The War of the 33: Letters from Beirut DVD $20
Black and Gold: the story of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation DVD $25
Get On With It Live: Chumbawamba CD $20

Wikinomics: How mass Collaboration Changes Everything $12
The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein, $15
Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917, T. Kissack, $22.50
Interventions, N Chomsky, $23
Not Just a Pretty Face: the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, S. Malkan, $25.50
Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems, Pi O, $30
American Scream: Alan Ginsberg's Howl and the making of the Beat Generation, J Raskin, $18
The Culture of Make Believe, Derick Jensen $29
Welcome to the Machine, Derick Jensen $23
Walking on Water Derick Jensen $20
Endgame vol 2, Derick Jensen $23.50

Also the latest of these zines, journals, papers or periodicals:
(The fantastic, unbelievably good) Abolishing Borders from Below $6
Freedom (UK) $2
Anarchist Age Weekly (Melbourne) $1
Organise! (UK) $4
Direct Action (UK) $4
Green Anarchy (US) $5
Umanita Nova (Italy) $1
Rivista A (Italy) $4
Rebel Worker (Sydney) $0.50
Anarcho Syndicalist Review (US) $4
Mutiny (Sydney) (free)

Hip Hop High Tea, Climate Action

Lots is happening at Jura in the next month...

Coming up on Sunday 8th June, from 2pm: Hip Hop high tea at Jura Books. An
arvo of vegan high tea, popping lessons with the elegant shelly and
hip-hop sounds from secret special guests! This shall be followed by a
discussion of gender, and subversion of gender, in hip-hop and dance.

On Saturday 14th June, from 2pm, there'll be a film screening and
about the Camp for Climate Action. The camp will
be five days of inspiring workshops and direct action aimed at shutting down the
world's largest coal port in Newcastle (July 10-15). If you're concerned about
climate change, and want real action instead of more hot air, then we encourage
you to come to the camp and bring your friends and family! Want to find out more
and meet people who are going? Come to Jura on Saturday 14th June. We'll be
showing an inspirational one hour documentary about the need for radical
action and the 2006 Camp for Climate Action which happened in the shadow of one
of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in

Out in the community, we've got two book stalls planned for the next

1) 11am-1.45pm, Sunday 18th May outside Palace Cinema on Norton
, where a new film about a Spanish anarchist is screening: Lucio - "There
are many anarchists in the world, but few have discussed strategies with Che
Guevara, saved the skin of Eldridge Cleaver (the leader of the Black Panthers),
and also brought to its knees the most powerful bank on the planet by forging
travellers cheques, without missing a single day of work in his construction

2) 11am-5pm, Sunday 25th May at the Sydney
Writers Festival zine fair
, Museum of Contemporary Art.

Food Not Bombs is continuing
to use the Jura kitchen fortnightly to prepare food that would otherwise go to
waste. Come and help with the preparation at Jura (from 1pm), or come and help
eat the food from 4pm on the corner of Forbes St and King St, Newtown.
Next dates are 17th May and 31st May. All welcome!

Come along to our working bees, where we'll be sanding and painting
the floor, and fixing the skirting boards - the final touches on the library
renovations. Saturday 17th May and Saturday 7th June, from 12pm.

The Jura Food Co-op continues to provide people with affordable,
organic fruit and vegie boxes. Order yours or find out more by emailing jurafoodcoop@riseup.net

Alarm youth anarchist
will be holding a meeting at Jura on Saturday 7th June. All

After many meetings and much discussion (thanks again to all who
participated in the survey!), the Jura Collective has drawn up a new
strategic plan
! Read it here. It lays out our goals for the
bookshop, library, organising space, property, finances and more.

Here is the vision from the plan:

"At Jura Books, we are working to create a radically different world: one
based on freedom, equality and justice for everyone, as well as environmental
sustainability for all life on the planet. We believe this can only be achieved
by an organised and politically conscious social movement, based on
participatory democracy and workers control. Our collective will help to build
this movement.

"This (already growing) movement will revolutionise mainstream political
ideology, and will develop alternative social structures. We will work to
establish this new political consciousness in Australia, by putting the ideas of
anarchism, libertarian socialism, social ecology and anarcha-feminism on the
political agenda in Sydney. This means bringing these ideas to ever-widening
circles of people. We will also prefigure and nurture the alternative social
structures through the structures and activities of our collective. This means
creating a physical and social space that is liberating, safe, imbued with our
anarchist politics, and a joy to be in. So we will focus both outward and inward
in order to build a transformative social movement. We will work with other
groups to achieve our shared vision of a better world. Jura Books has been, and
will continue to help and encourage campaigns and like-minded groups which may
or may not include members of our collective. In order to build the movement,
the collective must expand so we will actively seek new members and new ideas.
We operate as an organised, participatory democratic, volunteer

"The core projects of the Jura Books collective are i) the bookshop, ii)
the library, and iii) the workers control centre / community organising centre.
Other activities related to these projects are: holding stalls, running
campaigns, improving our website, putting on events (talks, gigs, films,
performances), improving the space, and publishing pamphlets.

"Freedom without socialism is privilege, socialism without freedom is

And finally, everyone is welcome at the Jura Collective Meeting at
12pm on Saturday 31st May.

Wow - so many great events! To see them all in calendar form, check out
our website calendar.