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Happy Rudd-mas! Our saviour is born?

What an inspiring election!

Not because of the politicians' empty promises, big smiles or dirty deals. But because grassroots activism built a real people's movement against a government that had so much weight on its side. Hundreds of thousands of everyday people got active, persuaded their friends, talked to strangers and organised to change the world - and made a difference! This movement successfully framed the issues: rights at work and climate change. And it was this movement (not a political party or celebrity politician) that got rid of the Liberal Party.

But what did we get in return? A Labor Party that has shifted even further to the right and Kevin Rudd - the party's most economically and socially conservative leader ever. This isn't unexpected - it is simple the logic of power. The only way to win power within the present system is to join those in control - big-business, media, ruling elite etc - and to agree to keep the structures of the State and the capitalist economy essentially unchanged. And now that Labor is in power, it will suit them (just like it suited the Liberals) to keep people fearful of terrorists, distrustful of refugees and ignorant of our own power.

It's up to us to keep on fighting to change the world. To keep the movement alive, and to use the opportunity we have created. And ultimately to change the structures of society so that everyone can really participate in democracy - everyday, not once every three years. This is what we're trying to do at Jura Books, and we need your help...

>Come to our end of year party! Jura Books has been continuously open for 30 years - a significant milestone for an an activist organisation. We're totally committed to social change and we're in it for the long haul! Come along for music, food, drinks and more, from 6pm 22nd December 2007.

>Come to one of our working bees. We want to re-open our library but still have some painting to do. 12-5pm, Sat and Sun, 8th-9th AND 14th-15th December.

>Get organised in your workplace. The only way to hold Labor true to its promises to abolish workchoices and address climate change is to put pressure on them (and the unions) from below. The Eco-workers collective is holding a discussion at Jura on 'organising in our workplaces': 2pm, Saturday 8th December.

>Get a vegie box from Jura. Over the summer months, a vegie box co-op will be happening out of Jura. You put in between $10 and $30 each week (depending on the size of box you want) and you get a big box of yummy organic vegies to pick up from Jura. Just email us for details: jura@jura.org.au

>Shop for your end of year presents at Jura. We have lots of great new books, magazines and t-shirts. Give the gift of good political literature and support an activist space at the same time!

Hope to see you soon!

The Jura Books collective

440 Parramatta Rd
9550 9931

Thursday: 2-7pm
Friday: 2-7pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

New titles at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are some new titles and re-stocks at Jura Books:

Joe Hill: the IWW & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture, pb 639p $30
The Big Red Songbook, pb, 535p $34
" " " hb " $48
IWW Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent, 1923 edn, pb (pam 64p) $8
Ned Kelly's Ghost: the Tottenham IWW and the Tottenham Tragedy, pam. 23p $4
Don't Mourn Organize! Songs of Joe Hill, CD, $26
Sister of the Road: the autobiograhhy of Boxcar Bertha, pb, 205p $21

How we are spending the donations

Hi everyone,
from our fundraising over the past few months, we have progressed with getting the necessary work done. So far:
* The middle room upstairs has been cleared, cleaned, prepared and painted: job complete. Special thanks to all the volunteers who participated in several working bees on this job. Most of the costs were for plaster and paint - $200
* Electrical works: The faulty powerpoints have been replaced with new double points, except for the replacement four-point in the Workers Control Centre. Cost was $700; job: completed.

More November new titles

Hi all,
Here are a whole lot of new journal and zine titles at Jura - a HUGE range of topics of interest. This is an experiment with periodicals, and we'll see how they sell, to see if we need to keep getting them.
Fifth Estate $7
Barefoot and the Kitchen (vegan food) $5.50
Doris 24 $4.50
Alternative Press Review $7.50
Earth First! $7
Can Control (graffiti glossy magazine)$7.50
Show Me the Money! $6
Social Anarchism (this issue mostly essays on Chomsky)$10
Anarchist Studies (four issues, each) $25
Dollars and Sense...for Economic Justice $7.50

November News

Great news at Jura: the new 2008 Slingshot Organisers have arrived, cheaper but better than last year!!. Huge range of colours and similar terrific layout with all sorts of useful hints & tips, contact lists, and fascinating bits of information for any activist. The larger spiral bound style is $13 and the smaller perfect-bound style is $7. Heaps have been selling, so be quick. If you want one posted out to you, please add $5 for the first Organiser and another $2 for each additional copy.

October News

At the last Jura Collective meeting we decided that we needed to get many basic tasks done that have already started. So, after the huge effort of the anti-APEC Poster Exhibition, we are going to spend most of the next three months, or so, in consolidation mode. We will have a couple of events that are organised by the Collective, but we are going to concentrate on finishing such things as the building work on the library and awning, electrical repairs, re-organising the ordering of books, look to completing some policy items, work on this website, and several other jobs.

More September News

Besides the fantastic opening night with Marie and Jan speaking, the rest of the 'Let the Walls Speak' Poster Exhibition was also a great success. Loads of organising from Jeremy in the weeks leading up to the event and heaps of help from many people during it (thanks to Black Rose people, Jurans, and all the personal friends) who staffed the exhibition over the two weeks. And many thanks to the Uni Verge people and all the student helpers who assisted, too.

August News

Well, August was a very busy month. We had the follow-up meeting from the Environmental Crisis-Workers Solutions Forum on Aug 12, that was aimed at putting some practice into place. Lots of plans for the future were raised but we resolved to focus on APEC as it was looming large and form a presence at the protest march: making a banner and writing a leaflet were discussed. The work on finishing the library and meeting room was continued. More books were ordered in and are still being processed (about 10 boxes made up of 50 new titles and many restocks).

July news

Jura had two really great events on during July. The first was "Unspoken Word", on Friday 13th. About 30-35 people turned up to hear a wide range of performance poetry and song. The evening was introduced by Jeremy and compared by Citizen Tom.Audience participation was encouraged, and at least one brave person got up on 'stage'. Food and drink were enjoyed, and the participants contributed about $270 to the fundraising campaign. Thanks to all who helped organise, set-up & clean-up, prepare food & sound systems and all the other necessary jobs. There will be another soon....