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October News

At the last Jura Collective meeting we decided that we needed to get many basic tasks done that have already started. So, after the huge effort of the anti-APEC Poster Exhibition, we are going to spend most of the next three months, or so, in consolidation mode. We will have a couple of events that are organised by the Collective, but we are going to concentrate on finishing such things as the building work on the library and awning, electrical repairs, re-organising the ordering of books, look to completing some policy items, work on this website, and several other jobs.

More September News

Besides the fantastic opening night with Marie and Jan speaking, the rest of the 'Let the Walls Speak' Poster Exhibition was also a great success. Loads of organising from Jeremy in the weeks leading up to the event and heaps of help from many people during it (thanks to Black Rose people, Jurans, and all the personal friends) who staffed the exhibition over the two weeks. And many thanks to the Uni Verge people and all the student helpers who assisted, too.

August News

Well, August was a very busy month. We had the follow-up meeting from the Environmental Crisis-Workers Solutions Forum on Aug 12, that was aimed at putting some practice into place. Lots of plans for the future were raised but we resolved to focus on APEC as it was looming large and form a presence at the protest march: making a banner and writing a leaflet were discussed. The work on finishing the library and meeting room was continued. More books were ordered in and are still being processed (about 10 boxes made up of 50 new titles and many restocks).

July news

Jura had two really great events on during July. The first was "Unspoken Word", on Friday 13th. About 30-35 people turned up to hear a wide range of performance poetry and song. The evening was introduced by Jeremy and compared by Citizen Tom.Audience participation was encouraged, and at least one brave person got up on 'stage'. Food and drink were enjoyed, and the participants contributed about $270 to the fundraising campaign. Thanks to all who helped organise, set-up & clean-up, prepare food & sound systems and all the other necessary jobs. There will be another soon....

Latest on Jura's Fundraising Efforts (9th September)

--2007 Fundraising Campaign--
In July the Collective began an urgent Special Fundraising Campaign.
In the Jura Newsletter we asked for $7500 for urgent expenses and we would like to put in something to pay off a bit more of the mortgage on the building ($20,000). Since then, we have found out that the repair of the awning is going to be a lot more than we thought ($2,500 as against $500), due to having to get experts in.

Responses to Howard's attacks on Indigenous people in the NT

Here are four good articles in response to Howard's recent attacks on Indigenous people...



Make no mistake, Howard's NT plan is a new apartheid


Rundle writes:


June News - Financial Crisis

Hi Jura friends and supporters,

We don’t often ask for extra financial help, but now is one of those rare and difficult occasions.


More June News - Heaps of new titles at Jura

The shelves at Jura are bursting at the seams with all the new titles that we've had come in over the past couple of months. June saw eight boxes of books from AK Press Distributors, besides other publishers and distributors...and there were loads of local material in too, pamphlets, books, DVDs, T-shirts and hooded jumpers. There are new publications on: anarchist history, practice and theory, women's studies, environmental issues, current affairs, alternative
economics, labour studies, anarchist biographies....and so much more


April 07 News - Double Trouble

Hi everyone,

Great news for the anarchist movement in Sydney! Once again there are two anarchist bookshops in Sydney. After a long hiatus, Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop has reopened in an excellent new location: 22 Enmore Road, Newtown (1 minute from Newtown station). The relationship between Jura and Black Rose is stronger than ever before, with sharing of equipment, people, ideas and more. The plan is to build on each other's strengths in order to build anarchism in Sydney. Two anarchist spaces means double the fun for us and double the trouble for the rulers!

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