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May 07 news - SALE

Hi everyone,

Jura Books is ON SALE!!!

For the whole month of May, there's 10% of all stock. Also, hundreds of books have been reduced to $2 each, and some pamphlets to 50c. If you're one of our financial supporters, you continue to get your normal 10% off - making your total discount 20%! (If you're not a financial supporter yet, why not sign up - it's a regular $5, $10, or $20 per month contribution, depending on your level of commitment.) Check out the sale during regular opening hours (2-7 Thursday, 2-7 Friday, 12-5 Saturday, 12-5 Sunday).

Political Perspectives: 

Feb 07 news - Films and more

Hi everyone,

Welcome to your monthly Jura newsletter, coming to you for the first
time from non-corporate, free software. Goodbye yahoogroups! As
before, only moderators can post to this list or view members'
addresses. For more info and settings about this e-group go to:


More Slingshot Organisers in Stock

If you missed your chance to get a Slingshot Diary this year, don't fret. We have more in stock!

Run in to pick the bestest colour ever!


Wireless Internet!

Jura has now an access point for wireless internet. So if you happen to be around Petersham and need to work with you laptop, you can come to the shop and surf the internet for free!


New printer for Jura (well, "A" printer for Jura)

We're getting a new printer, w00t!

This one does double-sided and works with linux. So it should be easy to make efficient use of paper and make zines and pamphlets.

One small step toward becoming a social and organising resource for anarchists in Sydney.


January Working Bees

From Sid:
Hi all,
just a brief report on yesterday's working bee - the first day of this week's frenzy of activity. Lots of work was done and much achieved - you will notice a revised shop layout, which added on to the work that Meela and Jeremy did last week. The lounge area was made more comfy and the tea/coffee area moved to that part of the shop. The centre of the shop has a new configuration that may well be addded to further down the track if this one works out as well as expected.
We also did a lot of work on getting the alcove area more in order, the storage area re-organised and prepared to move the library archives into it. This last move is aimed to make the upstairs middle room more useable for a variety of purposes.
We also had lots of interesting conversations/discussions/misunderstandings/arguments and explainations - all good grist for the mill.
A visitor from Ireland paid us a visit who volunteered to come in on Wednesday to help out. If anyone wants to come in too, please do. 12noon to 5pm (although we worked past 8pm yesterday, you can help out for as long or brief a time as you would like to).
Ciao, Sid.

Mix it up

Mixing it up... new themes for jura.org.a 

Theme 1: Basic dark red 

Theme 2: (A) in blue

Theme 3: Emma in blue (the new default for a while)

Theme 4: Emma in basic dark red

New titles

Hi all,
still waiting on an AK order, but meanwhile, a few new titles came in:
Emma,  the film (the one that we showed at Jura about Emma Goldman) - DVD $20, Video $15 (thanks to Mike Long for organising that)
Suspect! - anarchist poetry from Melbourne $4.50
What you need to Know about Food Additives, G Skurrey, $22 (an Australian book, just published)
Durruti the film - DVD $20
Rebel Worker, $0.50
Direct Action  (UK) $4.50
Umanita Nuova (Italy) $1

Wouldn’t your mum love a copy of the original V for Vendetta comic?

Hello everyone,

Happy end of year from Jura Books! It's great to know that we're one
year closer to the revolution!

We also know that this time of year can be quite difficult. All the most
oppressive forces in our society seem to be talking with one voice -
telling us to work harder, consume more products, respect the church,
and conform to patriarchal and heterosexist family values. So it's a time
when alternative voices are needed more than ever - to help create a
world controlled by workers, based on values of ecological sustainability,

The Slingshot Diaries

I was dubious about the new 2007 Slingshot Organisers. I had heard things about them that could not possibly be true. 

using an organiser really make me a happier, more productive and
fulfilled individula anarchist? Could it really clear my acne and make
me irresistable to council communists? It couldn't possibly clean my
room, could it?

There was only going to be one way to find out.
With trepidation, in a spirit of self sacrifice to bring you the most
accurate information possible, I embarked upon a journey of self
discovery and transformation that I fondly remember as "The Slingshot Diaries".