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New titles and restocked items

Hi all,

Here are the new titles and some re-stocked titles at Jura this week:


(New edition of this long-awaited reprint) The Kronstadt Uprising, Ida Mett, $10;

Lots of new titles this week

Hi good people,

Meanwhile, s ome of these titles were meant to be for International Women's Day last month and some we've had in the past, but are good to have anyway, others are from PM Press:

The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer, $22;

Exciting new titles from PM Press

Hi good people,

Here are the latest titles from PM Press:

Guy Debord, Anselm Jappe, $29;

(another in the ever popular 'Signal' series) Signal: 06, (eds) Alec Dunn & Josh MacPhee, $19;

Great reading: Le Guin is back in stock

Hi everyone,

Here are some new titles and re-stocked titles by one of our favourite authors: Ursula K. LeGuin. Ursula died in January this year - we and the world are all the poorer for this. Her writings continue to inspire and agitate us, as good writing needs to do.

The Dispossessed, Ursula K LeGuin, $14 - the greatest utopian novel ever written.

Latest titles from AK Press and elsewhere at Jura

Hi good people,

Here are the new titles from AK mostly, this week:

It is the Responsibility of Intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies, Noam Chomsky, (HB), $26;

New Year titles at Jura.

Hi Chumrads,

First day open after the holiday and very few came in, but we seem to have had a few people in during our break - thanks to those who opened up.

New titles:

New Books at Jura

Hi good people,

Here are the new titles for this week:


Tasty new titles at Jura

Hi Jurans and friends of Jura,

Here is the new titles (and one new editiont) list for this week:

Joyful Militancy: Building thriving resistance in toxic times, Nick Montgomery & Carla Bergman, $24, (the latest in an AK Press and Institute for Anarchist Studies publications);

New titles and re-stock titles this week


Here are the new titles this week:

Power Systems, Noam Chomsky, $15,

On Anarchism, Noam Chomsky, (Penguin Edition), $10,

New PM Press titles this week.

Hi everyone,

Here are the new titles in this week, in addition there are a heap of re-stocks. All from PM Press:

In, Against, and Beyond Capitalism: The San Francisco Lectures, John Holloway, $19.50;

For a Libertarian Communism, Daniel Guerin, $19.50 (now translated into English);