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New stock at Jura.

New titles (July 28):
latest Fifth Estate (Spring 2006) $4.50 - with an excellent spread on the Spanish Revolution - yes, this surprised me, too, but there it is & some graphics that I haven't seen before, including of the Mujeres Libres. Only two copies came though, so be quick or cry slowly!
Allotment: its Landscape and structure -$28.50 - anarchist housing in UK
Arcadia for All, The Legacy for a Makeshift $34 - more on housing
Anarchy Comics (back in stock) $4.50
Fellow Worker, the Life of Fred Thompson $13.50 life of an active Wobblie
Join the Resistance! Falling in Love is a Revolutionary Act (Crimethink) (DVD, i think, how can you tell when it doesn't say?)$16

Political Perspectives: 

Three Cheers for the Spanish Revolution!

12,30pm July 19th 2006
outside the Spanish Tourist Bureau 221 Queen Street Melbourne

Some of the locals celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Spanish revolution

"three cheers for the Social revolution"


International Justice for Cleaners Day

International Justice for Cleaners Day

Sydney March Thursday June 15

Justice for Cleaners Day is marked each year with rallies to bring
attention to the conditions migrant & refugee cleaners face across
the globe.

This thursday 15th June 2006
the LHMU - the cleaners union, are marching with cleaners and community
supporters across Australia in every capital city including Sydney.

Political Perspectives: 



The Group of Eight (G8) is an informal organisation that unites some of the world's biggest capitalist states. It has no judicial status, no charter or constitution, no permanent organs, no headquarters. That puts its decisions outside of any sort of democratic control. It's an important "meeting spot" for the world's most powerful leaders to reach consensus amongst themselves which is later imposed on the entire world. It helps form the international solidarity between elites. And quite naturally that leads to the precedence of private and corporate interests over democratic and collective ones, leading to privatisation, deregulation, increased capital mobility and erosion of the populations' control over local economies. It makes the G8 one of the most powerful instruments of the capitalist globalisation and of neoliberal agenda.

Political Perspectives: 

A for Anarchy handouts

Over the last week, some dedicated Juropeans have attended various cinemas to grab people walking in and out of "V for Vendetta" screenings. Why? Because, even though the movie won't tell you, V is an anarchist. 

The A for Anarchy site provided a ready-to-go leaflet that we just had to stick our details on and copy. This is a pretty good example of anarchist organising - from New York to Sydney, sharing information and tactics quickly and without concerns of ownership!

Political Perspectives: 

Pix from the "Can Dialectics Break Bricks" Screening in 2005

Here are some pictures from the Jura Screening of "Can Dialectics Break Bricks", held in 2005. 

You can read a bit about the film at BoPSWikipedia and imdb. Jura has copies in DivX format for about $10.



Upcoming Jura Events!

There are some cool events coming up at Jura very soon. They'll all be posted on on our events calendar as soon as we confirm dtaes. But here are some of the things we're planning...

  • A talk about the upcoming G8 in Russia
  • More film nights - probably "Echo of Jericho"
  • Our 2nd hand book sell-out is still going on... come in and get anarchism on the cheap!
  • A May Day party on 6th May, starting 5pm (come one, come all!)

Remember you're always welcome to come and see what we've got in stock, what we can order for you, or just have a chat about anarchism...anytime!


Packer - people's hero, or ruling class bastard?

Jura received the following email from "JL" in relation to our
advertising of the "Kerry Packer Dis-memorial" service on last Friday:

hope you got a kick out of disrupting Kerry Packer's final farewell. I
can understand your objection to the taxpayer having to pay for such a
service. I would imagine that you discourage people attending your
bookshop or meetings that are not working and therefore drawing the
dole? I have nothing against people getting the dole, unless they are
to lazy to get a job. You wouldn't serve anyone like that would you? I
can also imagine that you never attempt to lower your tax bill, why
would you? That would be stupid. I would imagine you give the
government contributions as you feel so generous.
guy gave a lot to Australia. Fair enough he was rich and I guess very
ruthless, but his companies employed a lot of people. Maybe the
alternative, in your view, is far better.
People go to say their farewells and you step in and make complete idiots of yoursleves. The guy is dead, let him be.
you think of anyhting that Packer done that was selfless? Like fly a
disabled kid, some of his mates and their parents to Disneyland because
the kid did him a favour? Equip every ambulance in NSW with life saving
devices? Give millions of dollars to charities? I guess shit like that
don't count as he is rich.
Fair dinkum, pull your head in and get a life.


Political Perspectives: 

Jura's looking for shifty people

If you're a bit shifty, and you'd like to help Jura out by doing some shifts, now's definately the time to contact us. Jura is an all-volunteer, collective-run bookshop. We rely on volunteer collective members to keep our doors open. Some of our collective members are facing life-changes and moving on to new things, so we need you to come and help us out.

We are looking for anarchists and broadly libertarian folk to commit to a regular shift in the shop. This can be 3 hours a week, or one day a month. You're welcome to pair-up on shift so you've got company, and you get first pick of the books in stock.


The Jura Financial Review for 2005

Please note that this is the first
attempt in a long time to get the Jura Books accounting system in
some sort of presentable order. Also note that these are the accounts
for the bookshop itself, not the Overhead Expenses Account, nor the
ARI Building Maintence/Repayment Account. The figures will make any
professional accountant shudder, but they are a beginning, enough to
give us a base line for future better, and transparent, accounting.
We also need to sort out a few other financial matters, such as our
banking and the shop's bookkeeping practices (the day book, the web
site, the on-consignment system and the mail orders). On the whole,
we can report that the Jura Books situation (these accounts) is quite
good and improving all the time. Our sales are up, we have a much
bigger proportion of new stock on the shelves and are getting into
new distributors/publishers; although we still emphasise the
anarchist traders such as AK Press and Anarres Book Distributors.