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New from Microcosm Publishing

Hi Jurans,The latest new material at Jura - from Microcosm Publishing: Wages so Low You'll Freak, Mike Pudd'hhead, $23 (account from a young punk of his four-year experience in organising workers in a fast food chain in the US);Edible Secrets, Michael Hoerger & Mia Partlow, $18 (de-classified information from the US military, CIA etc...

Latest new titles from AK Press

Hi everyone,Here are new titles:The Experiment of West Kurdistan: Feminism, Anti-sectarianism and Collectivism in the Syrian Revolution, Zaher Baher, $7;Companeras: Zapatista Women's Stories, Hilary Klein, $30;Cesar Chavez: Autobiography of La Causa, Jacques Levy, $30;Octavia's Brood: Seicne fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements, Adreienne Brown, 427;Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit (hardback), $24;Perspectives #28, Institute for Anarchist Studies, $18;A Grand Cause: The Hunger Strike and the Deportation of Anarchists from Soviet Russia, G.

New books and heaps of zines at Jura

Hi everyone:The new titles are:Revolt on Goose Island: The Chicago Factory Takeover, Kari Lydersen, $24The Enemy is Middle Class, Andy & Mark Anderson, $23;Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love, Sheila Rowbotham, $38;Malcom X: The End of White World Supremacy, Four Speeches, $20;50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know, Russ Kick, $5;To End all Wars: A Story of Protest and Patriotism in the First World War, Adam Hochschild, $12;Undercover The True Story of Britain's Secret Police, Rob Evans & Paul Lewis, $14;The Verso Book of Dissent: From Spartacus to the Shoe-Thrower of Baghda

New titles at Jura

Hi, here are the latest new titles at Jura:Anarchists Against the Wall, Uri Gordon (ed), $16;Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the labor movement from below, 2nd edn, Staughton Lynd, $19;Anarchy and Society: Reflection on anarchist sociology, Jeff Shantz, et al, $42;Continental Crucible: Big business, worker and union in the transformation of North America, 2nd edn, Richard Roman et al, $26;Imminent Rebellion, No 13, (journal from NZ), $10;The Last of the Hippies: An hysterical romance, Penny Rimbaud, $16;Prison Writings lll: The road map to negotiations, Abdullah Ocalan, $17;Militant Anti-Fa

New PM titles and re-stock

Hi Jurans,Here are some new books: Solidarity Unionism, Staughton Lynd, $19;The System, Peter Kuper, $19;Getting Up for the People: the visual Revolution of Asar-Oaxaca, Asaro, Mike Graham de la Rosa, Suzanne Schadl, $26;Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions ...... (2nd Ed), R. roman & E. V.

New books at Jura from AK Press

Hi Jurans,New titles are:Los Manos: The lads from Aragon - the story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran, $6.50;The Unlikely Secret Agent, Ronnie Kasrils, (anti-Apartheid spy), $22;Come Out Fighting: A century of essential writing on Gay and Lesbian liberation, Chris Bull (ed), $22;The Home: Its work and influence, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, $25;Weakening

New books from PM Press.

Hi Jurans,Here are the latest from PM Press: Malatesta: Life and Ideas.

Mentally tastey titles at Jura

Hi Jura supporters,Here are the latest new titles at Jura:Los Manos, The lads from Aragon: The story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran interviewed by F.

Exciting new reads at Jura

Hi,Here the exciting new titles at Jura over the past week or so: The Birth of Chines Feminism, Lydia Liu et al, $41 (it's really about the anarchist root of Chinese feminism);  Massacre: The life and death of the Paris Commune, John Merriman, (H/B) $45 (another good history by Merriman that brings realistic anarchism into the picture);  Anarcho Syndicalist Review, No 63, $4  (with major articles on Bakunin's bicentenary);  Adbusters #117, 'Blueprint for a new world VI: Our crisis i

New titles

Hi all,Here are the new titles, from PM Press and Adbusters. Box Set of Adbuster's 'Blueprint for a New World' series (very cheap) $30;Adbuster's 2015 Calendar, $5; Communicating Vessels, Issue 26, from Fred Wordsworth, $5; (very exciting) Anthropology, Ecology, and Anarchism: a Brian Morris Reader, Introduced by Peter Marshall, $32;Men In Prison, Victor Serge, (new printing), $24;Birth of Our Power, Victor Serge, (new printing), $24; Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!!