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$5,000 raised. Womyn fight for peace in Palestine

Dear Jura Books friends and supporters,

Three months ago we told you about how the bank that holds the mortgage for our property called in the loan. They asked us to pay $5,000 immediately and the rest - another $15,000 - as soon as possible.

Today, we can proudly announce that we have already raised enough money to make that first payment of $5,000!

This is living proof of the amazing capacity and commitment of the community that surrounds Jura Books. We all believe that Sydney needs radical change, and Jura is a key part of making that change. Your generous support keeps this anarchist project alive and fighting!

We'd like to say a big congratulations to all the people who have contributed so far: A and L ($100), AM ($100), AOB ($200), AS ($10), CP ($200), DB ($100), JCP ($100), JK ($300), KM ($50), LB ($100), ML ($2700), MP ($200), MV ($100), NT ($200), PR ($300), PS ($800), RS ($200), SK and TK ($500), SoD ($50), TK ($100). We also acknowledge the ongoing monthly donations from NC and PW, JK, JS, AJ, MM, MP, MR, MV, PR and RS. (Sorry if we've missed you, your support is still appreciated!) There have also been a number of events and anonymous donations that have all added up.

By making this first payment of $5,000 we will immediately save around $700 per year in interest. Our task now is to keep going to raise the next $15,000, so we can finally put the mortgage behind us. Can you help? If everyone else on this email list gave $100, we would meet this goal very quickly. If you haven't donated yet, please contribute whatever you are able. (See the end of this email for ways to donate.)

Upcoming events

Can You Hear Me? Israeli and Palestinian Women Fight for Peace

>Vegan dinner and film screening: 6pm, Sat 17th Jan, Jura Books
>Autonomous womyn's event
>All women (including women identifiers) are invited to come, see and discuss Lilly Rivlin’s 2006 Documentary on women in Palestine and Israel. The film focuses on the untapped potential of women as peacemakers in the conflict - women like Maha Abu Dayyah-Shamas, a Palestinian who runs the Women’s Center For Legal Aid and Counseling in Beit Hanina, and Israeli peace activist Terry Greenblatt. Together they appeared before the UN Security Council to insist that UN Resolution 1325 (which calls for the inclusion of women in all official peace negotiations) be applied to Israeli and Palestinian women in the peace process.
“Women don’t have a vested interest in maintaining military power and hegemony,” explains Abu Dayyah-Shamas.
“And they don’t need guns for their egos.”
In her documentary, Rivlin walks a tightrope between her vision of the transformative power of Israeli and Palestinian women and the stark reality of Palestinian oppression that puts to shame any triumphalism. No matter how desperate the political situation, these women never stop communicating with each other. They come together in their bereavement over the loss of loved ones and to demand a better future for their children and grandchildren.

Emergency Protest: Stop the War on Gaza

>2pm Sun 18th Jan, Sydney Town Hall
>End the brutal siege, bombing and invasion of Palestine
>End the Rudd government's support for Israel's massacres
>Suspend all Australia-Israel ties until Gaza is free
>Freedom and self-determination for Palestine

BIG working bee - bring out the books and help re-open the library
>2-5pm, Thurs 15th and Fri 16th Jan
>12-5pm, Sat 17th and Sun 18th Jan

Jura Collective meeting - all welcome
>2pm, Sun 8th Feb.

Food co-op
>Our food co-op is in the process of re-organising itself. If you are planning on ordering organic vegie boxes from the food co-op in 2009, please email us so we can evaluate how many people are interested. Or if you are interested in other sorts of food co-op (eg dumpster co-op), please email to let us know: jurafoodcoop -at- riseup.net

For more details on any of these events, check out http://www/jura.org.au

Also, don't forget that we still have some 2009 calendars and diaries for sale, including Slingshot Organisers.

Hope to see you soon,

The Jura Collective

440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham
9550 9931

Donate to Jura:

>>Transfer your donation into our bank account using your own internet banking - email us for details.
>> Come in to Jura to donate in person
>> Post a cheque or money order made out to Jura Books
>> Use Paypal (jura -at- jura.org.au)
>> Send an email to jura@jura.org.au telling us you can help. We will get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.

We are also considering running a raffle, but we don't have any good prizes. Could you donate a prize? A bike you don't use? Tickets to an event? Yoga lessons? Let us know!

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