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April 07 News - Double Trouble

Hi everyone,

Great news for the anarchist movement in Sydney! Once again there are two anarchist bookshops in Sydney. After a long hiatus, Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop has reopened in an excellent new location: 22 Enmore Road, Newtown (1 minute from Newtown station). The relationship between Jura and Black Rose is stronger than ever before, with sharing of equipment, people, ideas and more. The plan is to build on each other's strengths in order to build anarchism in Sydney. Two anarchist spaces means double the fun for us and double the trouble for the rulers!

Check out Black Rose between 11am and 5pm, Thursday to Sunday. Or go to one of these events at Black Rose this month:
>>6pm, Wed 11th April: Swedish film screening and art show. Punk, activism and the Genoa protests.
>>6pm, Wed 18th April: Book Launch for 'Self Organising Men'. This is an international anthology of ftm (female to male and/or transgender) writing and creative works published by Homofactus Press.

Back to Jura news... One of the best events last month at Jura was a film and discussion night for the Marrickville Sex Workers Support group. This activist group has been campaigning against Marrickville Council's regressive move to cap the number of legal brothels in the area. The group showed a series of short films by and about sex workers, with political discussion. Less happy news is that our website has been down for two weeks due to technical problems and a lack of technical people. If anyone is able to help with website maintenance, please send an email to our IT list. Subscribe at http://lists.jura.org.au/mailman/listinfo/it

There's a bunch of stuff happening in the coming month, and we'd love you to come along...

>>3pm, Sun 8th April: Jura Meeting. New members and new structures, community cafe and upcoming events.
>>12pm, Sat 14th April: Jura Working Bee. We'll be moving the library around and maybe painting some more. Anarchy in action!
>>6pm, Fri 27th April: Film screening of 'Matewan'. In the lead up to May Day, Direct Cinema at Jura is showing this compelling film about a clash between unionist miners and a tyrannical coal company. Set in the US mid-west, this film explodes with a powderkeg of racism, corruption and organising.

See you there!

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