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August News

Well, August was a very busy month. We had the follow-up meeting from the Environmental Crisis-Workers Solutions Forum on Aug 12, that was aimed at putting some practice into place. Lots of plans for the future were raised but we resolved to focus on APEC as it was looming large and form a presence at the protest march: making a banner and writing a leaflet were discussed. The work on finishing the library and meeting room was continued. More books were ordered in and are still being processed (about 10 boxes made up of 50 new titles and many restocks). We are also very close to completing the negotiations to get the new shelves for the shop and library. And, as you can see from elsewhere on this site, loads of work, many, many days of effort, has gone into the "Lets the Walls Speak: Political Poster Exhibition".
That's all besides the usual work of keeping the shop open, paying bills, seeking out new titles, IT stuff, cleaning, and all the other essential revolutionary work that keeps Jura open. Help us out if you think this effort is worthwhile in trying to achieve a better world.