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Cusp of March/April news...

Hi all,
here's a brief report on several issues:

Firstly, the Jura Planning Day that was hosted Jura Collective and was open to all, about 20 people came - an excellent turnout for that sort of event. Besides Jurans & ARI people, Food Not Bombs, Black Rose & Mutiny folk came along - thanks for all that input. Great facilitation by Jeremy was appreciated by all & minutes taken by Andrew - great work.

We heard reports about where Jura was at now, some possible trajectories if current matters continue (like book sales, contact lists, finances) and a report about our on line survey.
Book sales and accounts are healthy and growing, the Overhead Bills account is OK, but needs to sustain its input, and the ARI Building fund is very depleated, and needs lots.

Then the group explored implications for the future of these reports for Jura and other issues about future directions for the Jura project.

& yummy food and cakes from Kat (mmmm mmmm really nice).
It was a great afternoon's work - thanks to all.

Fundraising report:
As for the latest (added) fundrainisg efforts:
New donations have been from the punk gig ($230)and personal donations from SS ($1000) and PS ($500). So we need to still raise about $1000 to cover the extra expenses due to the (old) termite damage that was detected as we undertook repairs to the building.

Thanks to all who have contributed (both money and time and effort) to keeping Jura going and to improving the building.

Building Works:
Two great and productive working bees have been held in the past few days. Jeremy, and I am not sure who else as I wasn't there, have been doing a great job in preparing the plaster on the walls of the library for painting, which is going on as this is being written.

On Tuesday Shane & I have finished all the roofing and guttering - no more downpour when entering the back door when it rains! The difficult back door was aslo fixed by Shane. Also, all the cornices have been put up in the library, and the access hole built.
In the next week or two, the skirting boards will be fitted in all the upstairs rooms and there will be a return of the sign out side the shop.

Yea!!!!!we'll soon be able to set the library up again as a borrowing library, and have the space also available for meetings, films, and other events.

Melbourne Convergence:
Last Friday's Jura Collective meeting heard great news from the convergence in Melbourne that has prepared the way for establishing a Regional Anarchist Federation. Much work to do, but all who went came back very excited about the weekend's work ....I think they may have had a bit of fun too....
Another meeting will be held in Sydney in a couple of weeks to begin organising and building towards the next Regional Meeting in a year's time(to be held at Jura). I didn't go to Melbourne, but the plan is to establish the local areas first and then build a Federation from that base (rather than top down).
Ciao, Sid.