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Exciting new reads at Jura

Hi,Here the exciting new titles at Jura over the past week or so: The Birth of Chines Feminism, Lydia Liu et al, $41 (it's really about the anarchist root of Chinese feminism);  Massacre: The life and death of the Paris Commune, John Merriman, (H/B) $45 (another good history by Merriman that brings realistic anarchism into the picture);  Anarcho Syndicalist Review, No 63, $4  (with major articles on Bakunin's bicentenary);  Adbusters #117, 'Blueprint for a new world VI: Our crisis is a crisis of aesthetics', $12 (for culture jammers all);  Fighting for Ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle, UK Solidarity Federation, $12 (broad introduction to theory, history and practice).  Ciao, Seeya at Jura.