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Fanya Baron Library & other Jura news

Well, the library is getting closer and closer to opening again. Volunteers have been putting heaps of work into cleaning, painting walls, fixing & painting skirting boards, floor polishing etc...Almost there now in terms of the space. Still heaps of work to sort out the books and to run the library, though. Lots more volunteers are needed, so please contact us.

Also, a week ago five of us went to collect & pay for the new shelves - so you will notice that the shop is looking a little full at the moment, with many of the shelves stored there and also in the back room (the organising space). This is because we couldn't fit them up the stairs - they are just too tall. There's more work to do, but, after about a year of negotiating & fundraising effort, the shelves are finally at Jura. That's the last of the, approx, $8-9,000 we raised last year to fix up the physical space at Jura - so thanks to all who did the work of running fundraising events, including the sale of ex-library books. And especially to all of you who came to the gigs and so generously donated funds.

Finally, there are heaps of events going on at Jura - join in for a mix of socialising and politics.