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Feb 07 news - Films and more

Hi everyone,

Welcome to your monthly Jura newsletter, coming to you for the first
time from non-corporate, free software. Goodbye yahoogroups! As
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Great news! Film nights are back on at Jura. Brought to you by
members of the Direct Cinema Collective, we have an exciting
lineup of films showing every second Friday at Jura at 6pm. The first
two are:
>>>Friday 2nd March: Don’t need you - the herstory of riot grrl
>>>Friday 16th March: The Code - a Finnish film about linux,
open-source technology and corporate attack on intellectual
On Friday 2nd March (this week) there will be a lucky door prize for
one film goer - free tickets to Death of a President at the Chauvel.
For more info check out our website: www.jura.org.au

Also ongoing at Jura are the meetings of Thunder - Radical
Community Response to Sexual Assault
. At the moment, Thunder
is focussing on organising support, strategies, safer spaces and
information resources. The next meeting is on Thursday 8th March
at 5pm. All welcome!

Another happy thing happening soon at Jura is that we are getting
new bookshelves
! Our present shelves are old and mismatched,
so it's marvelous that we've got an opportunity to buy a bunch of
good quality shelves from the Astam warehouse that is closing
down. The new shelves will look wonderful and last us for many
years to come. They are excellent value, but we desperately need
funds to be able to afford them. If you can help with a donation
please get in touch with us via email: jura@jura.org.au

Finally, as always the Jura collective is in flux, and sadly a couple
of great collective members are taking a break from Jura for a while
If you're able to volunteer for shifts or working bees, now would be
the perfect time to contact us, or come along to our next collective
meeting on Friday 9th March, at 6pm. Our next working bee is on
Saturday 10th March from 12pm, and the painting continues!

See you soon,

The Jura collective

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