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February news around Jura

Hi everyone,
There are a few things to comment on:
1. Although I wasn't there, from all the reports about the Black Rose/Jura Punk gig/benefit, it went extremely well. The event was out doors - out the back at Jura. Lots of people an energy, music, food, good times, & books sold & money raised for both.

2. Ramsey formerly from AK Press is in town and will be giving a talk/discussion just before the next Jura Collective meeting: Ramsey's talk is from 5-6pm, Thursday 21st February - next week. All welcome & the topic is:
Current anarchist publishing: about some of the latest titles that have come out in the past year or so:
*at AK Press,
*other anarchist publishers around the world - for example, Kate Sharpley Library publications, Black Rose of Canada,
*& other exotic and/or interesting titles,
This will also include comments about Ramsey's new publishing venture: PM Press.

3. The next Jura Collective meeting is on Thursday, 21st Feb, from 6-8pm.

4. Althoiugh we have come across quite a bit of extra work that we did not anticipate, such as old termite damage and extra roof repairs (there are leaks in the back room), the building repairs are going on all the time, but there is a specific Working Bee on Sunday, 17th February, from 12 Noon. Please come if you can, even if it's only for an hour or two.

Ciao, Sid.