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How we are spending the donations

Hi everyone,
from our fundraising over the past few months, we have progressed with getting the necessary work done. So far:
* The middle room upstairs has been cleared, cleaned, prepared and painted: job complete. Special thanks to all the volunteers who participated in several working bees on this job. Most of the costs were for plaster and paint - $200
* Electrical works: The faulty powerpoints have been replaced with new double points, except for the replacement four-point in the Workers Control Centre. Cost was $700; job: completed.

* We now have quotes for the awning repairs and may proceed with the insurance claim. The cost will be about $2000, depending on how much timber needs to be replaced.

* Work proceeds on the library repairs; much work has already been done by volunteers in preparing the walls for painting and the new shelves. We will start tomorrow on replacing the timber work that was termite damaged in the front part of the room. Costing not complete, but about $2000.
Should be looking good soon...