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Huge number of new books at Jura

Hi Peoples,
here is an incredibly long list of new titles at Jura - and about twice as many are here but not displayed yet:

From Revisionist Press - some are monograph and reprints and most are pre-PC typesetting & all are Hardback:

Max Nettlau: Historian of Anarchism, V. Munoz, $8;
Li Pei Kan and Chinese Anarchism, V Munoz, $11;
Germany's Poet-Anarchist John Henry Mackay, T. A. Riley, $32;
Selected Works of Voltarine de Cleyre, V.de Cleyre, $22;
Individual Liberty,Benjamin Tucker, $22;
The Guillotine at Work Vol 1(new edn),GP Maximoff, $45 (Paperback of Vol1 still available at $32);
First time in English for 50 years: The Guillotine at Work Vol 2, GP Maximoff, $45;
Syndicalism and Revolution in Spain, Antonio Bar, $33;
Marxism and Council Communism, PJ Rachleff, $45

Kid's books:
Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with the Spoon,(colouring book), Jacinta Bunnell, $12;
ABC of Anarchy,(kids workbook), B. Heagney, $19;
Mischief in the Forest, (H/B story book) Derrick Jensen, $15.

From PM Press & AK Press, mostly:
Creating a Movement With Teeth: a Documentary History of the George Jackson Brigade, D. Burton-Rose (ed), $32;
Impressionism: Origins, Practice, Reception (anarchist origins of), Belinda Thomson, $25;
Citizen Fish: Underwater Overground & Gaffer Tape,(DVD), $25;
Blackwater: Mercenary Army,(CD) Jeremy Scahill, $19;
Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution, thoughtcrime Inc, $30;
The Yellow Wall-paper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, $10;
Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires 1890-1910, Juan Suriano, $24;
Black Wallaby 2011 Organiser, Tic Toc Collective, $13;
Hopes and Prospects, N Chomsky, $24;
The Chomsky-Foucault Debate on Human Nature, C & F, $22;
Understanding Power: the Indispensable Chomsky, Uncle Noam, $32.50;
Tales from the Boom-Boom Room: Women Vs Wall Street, Susan Antilla, $10;
Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel, Nunzio Pericone, $29.50;
(back in stock) Revolutionary Women Stencil Book,$4.50;
Educating for Freedom, Cindy Milstein, $6.50;
Profit and Exploitation, P. Kropotkin, $6;
(new small edn) The Conquest of Bread, P. Kropotkin,$18;

A fantastic new book from one of the famous Earthworks Poster Collective of the equally famous Tin Sheds - large format from a current exhibition that is showing around the country (no dates for Sydney yet):
Not Dead Yet: A Retrospective Exhibition, Therese Ritchie & Chips Mackinoty, $40.

See you at Jura