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January new titles

Hi everyone,
here are some more of the recent arrivals at Jura:
Earth First! (journal) $7
Chainbreaker Bike Book (maintenance)$25
Anarchist Panther zine $5
-(a massive book from AK - the long awaited! ) Anarchist FAQ Vol 1 Iain McKay $34.50
I love Animals and Broccoli (kid's colouring book) $8.50
Veganomicon the ultimate vegan cookbook H/b $45
Dead in their Track Crossing America's Desert Borderlands $23
Indestructible (teen novella) $10
The Pornography of Meat $27.50
Endgame Vol2 $32
The Sexual Politics of Meat $30
Getting by on the Minimum the Lives of Working Women $44.50

Wobblies and the Zapatistas $30
Doris Anthology..oops..just sold..
Individual Doris zines, #s 23,24,25 $3
the W Effect: Bush's War on Women $24
the Anti-christ: Nietzsche $11
Getting Off, Pornography and the end of masculinity $19
the Milk of Human Kindness: defending breast feeding $23
Bakunin: a Biography (new much lower price, still h/b) $30
The Zinester's Guide to Portland $7.5
HOw fast it all blows up: lessons from the 2001 Cincinnati Riots $4
Jane: documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 $4.50

...and lots of other new titles, too...

Don't forget the fantastic,and cheap, Slingshot Organisers - only 3 large left, but plenty of the compact size, in loads of colours - $16 & $9. Also we have run out of the 3CR calendar with lots of Jura posters in it, but there are three other political calendars there to choose from. And there is a beautiful diary also available.