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January Working Bees

From Sid:
Hi all,
just a brief report on yesterday's working bee - the first day of this week's frenzy of activity. Lots of work was done and much achieved - you will notice a revised shop layout, which added on to the work that Meela and Jeremy did last week. The lounge area was made more comfy and the tea/coffee area moved to that part of the shop. The centre of the shop has a new configuration that may well be addded to further down the track if this one works out as well as expected.
We also did a lot of work on getting the alcove area more in order, the storage area re-organised and prepared to move the library archives into it. This last move is aimed to make the upstairs middle room more useable for a variety of purposes.
We also had lots of interesting conversations/discussions/misunderstandings/arguments and explainations - all good grist for the mill.
A visitor from Ireland paid us a visit who volunteered to come in on Wednesday to help out. If anyone wants to come in too, please do. 12noon to 5pm (although we worked past 8pm yesterday, you can help out for as long or brief a time as you would like to).
Ciao, Sid.


Hi all,

Just a quick message to sum up the working bee last Saturday for those who weren't there. We moved all the boxes of archives from the middle room upstairs to the alcove downstairs. They are very snug in there, and we tried to pack them so that the boxes wouldn't collapse - ie heavy ones on the bottom. We also briefly looked inside each of the boxes, and put to one side a whole lot of doubles of things in the library. These were pamphlets like the 'Red and Black' series,
the anarcha-feminist newspaper 'Everything' , and old issues of Zmag etc. We might want to sell, give away, or raffle these things, since the library already has at least 2 copies of each.

We also cleaned up some other areas and cleaned and moved two bookshelves upstairs in preparation for going into the middle room, after we paint it...

Special thanks to L and N - good friends of Jura - who both spent hours and hours carrying boxes up and down the stairs and sorting through old papers. You're marvellous!

Anna and Rocks also worked all Saturday (and all Sunday and other days!) fixing the computer network and getting the wireless thing happening. They can probably fill us in on where the tech stuff is at better than I can...

Don't forget that there's a strategic directions meeting this Friday at 6pm.

See you then hopefully!