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July news

Jura had two really great events on during July. The first was "Unspoken Word", on Friday 13th. About 30-35 people turned up to hear a wide range of performance poetry and song. The evening was introduced by Jeremy and compared by Citizen Tom.Audience participation was encouraged, and at least one brave person got up on 'stage'. Food and drink were enjoyed, and the participants contributed about $270 to the fundraising campaign. Thanks to all who helped organise, set-up & clean-up, prepare food & sound systems and all the other necessary jobs. There will be another soon....

The second event was the "Environmental Crisis: Workers Solutions" Forum on Saturday, the 28th. About 20-25 people turned up for to listen to speakers and partake in three hours of interesting questions and discussion afterwards. Again, thanks to all who contributed to the organising for the Forum, everyone who participated, and especially to Anne and Wenny, for their well thought out talks. Another meeting to work out planning for some of the activities that we came up with, will be on Sunday, 12th August at 2pm, at Jura.