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July news

Hi everyone,
Besides all the very exciting events and various group meetings that are going on at Jura....
here are a few of the many new titles that have come in:

Firstly, some of the titles from the new venture of Ramsey Kenaan who set up AK Press (this new project concentrates on novels and music as Ramsey explained when he spoke at Jura earlier this year):
Greek Mafia: Mile Zero, Rick Dakan, Paperback, $21
The War of the 33: Letters from Beirut DVD $20
Black and Gold: the story of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation DVD $25
Get On With It Live: Chumbawamba CD $20

Wikinomics: How mass Collaboration Changes Everything $12
The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein, $15
Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917, T. Kissack, $22.50
Interventions, N Chomsky, $23
Not Just a Pretty Face: the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, S. Malkan, $25.50
Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems, Pi O, $30
American Scream: Alan Ginsberg's Howl and the making of the Beat Generation, J Raskin, $18
The Culture of Make Believe, Derick Jensen $29
Welcome to the Machine, Derick Jensen $23
Walking on Water Derick Jensen $20
Endgame vol 2, Derick Jensen $23.50

Also the latest of these zines, journals, papers or periodicals:
(The fantastic, unbelievably good) Abolishing Borders from Below $6
Freedom (UK) $2
Anarchist Age Weekly (Melbourne) $1
Organise! (UK) $4
Direct Action (UK) $4
Green Anarchy (US) $5
Umanita Nova (Italy) $1
Rivista A (Italy) $4
Rebel Worker (Sydney) $0.50
Anarcho Syndicalist Review (US) $4
Mutiny (Sydney) (free)