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Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations

Jura's 28th Anniversary Celebrations.
by Sid

On Saturday, December 17th Jura Books celebrated the 28th anniversary of organising and funding a non-profit and voluntary anarchist bookshop and activist centre. About 20-25 Jurans and friends turned up to enjoy food (three course meal with Italian flavours that had vegan, vegerarian and other options - compliments of Sid, Nick and Mark and drinks organised by Cam and Mark. We were also entertained by the music of John, Colin, Anne, Mark, Erst and others who played guitar and other instruments. This accompanyed older and newer revolutionary songs for those who wanted to join in the singing.
For the first time in many years we held the celebration at Jura and made it a fundraising event. So thanks for those who turned up and made it an enjoyable social event and who seemed to be happily fleeced of $230 to help pay our day to day expenses. Thanks to Erst who donated the five prizes for the raffle, she was happy with the outcome - she won one of them back.

Thanks to Jeremy & Jacinta for putting up the posters in the frames that Jeremy
donated to Jura, they certainly brighten up the place.

As it turned out, in a way, it was a bit of a farewell to Nick - perhaps Ciao is a better term - he's going off to England for a year. We wish him all the best and look forward to his return.

So, we look forward to seeing you at Jura for one of our regular social, fundraising or political discussion events - or just to come in and check out all the new titles that have come in lately (you can find some of them elsewhere in this website).

We also look forward to seeing you at the next (29th) celebration - and we've got to make a big splash for the 30th anniversary in 2007.

Birthday greetings to you all from the Jura Collective and thanks for supporting our activities all these years.

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