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Latest on Jura's Fundraising Efforts (9th September)

--2007 Fundraising Campaign--
In July the Collective began an urgent Special Fundraising Campaign.
In the Jura Newsletter we asked for $7500 for urgent expenses and we would like to put in something to pay off a bit more of the mortgage on the building ($20,000). Since then, we have found out that the repair of the awning is going to be a lot more than we thought ($2,500 as against $500), due to having to get experts in.
So far supporters of the Jura project have donated the following amounts. We are very grateful for these generous donations and will allocate the amounts that have been specified for particular necessities to those jobs.

This is so encouraging, please keep it up:
ML: $1,700
PS: $600
Jose: $100
Gonzalez: $100
Anon: $10
Anon: $15
JW: $100
JG: $50
PR: $300
'Unspoked Words'event: $270
AL: $1,000
Jack: $50
HM: $1,450
Enviro/Worker Forum: $54
Anthony L $20
Poster Exhibition $200

Total so far: $6,019 (as at 09/09/2007)

We have begun to organise things to get the specific jobs done that some of you specifically donated to. It takes a little time to book an electrician, get a workingbee going etc...but it's all-a-happenin.
Thanks again.