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Latest new books at Jura

Hi Jurans,
here are the new titles:

The End of the World As We Know It? Crisis, resistance, and the age of austerity, Daric Shannon (ed), $35.
Direct Struggle Against Capital: A Peter Kropotkin Anthology, Iain KcKay (ed), $38;
Workers' Self-management in the Caribbean: The wirtings of Joseph Edwards, Matthew Quest (ed), $23;
How the World Works (four classic uncle Noam books in one), Noam Chomsky inteviewed by Davd Barsamiam, $26;
Against Equality: Queer revoltuion, not mere inclusion, Ryan Conrad (ed), $23;
The Cost of Lunch, etc...short stories, Marge Piercy, $29;
The Struggle Within: Prisons, political prisoners, and mass movements in the United States, Dan Berger, $17;
Getting Up for the People: The visual revolution of Asar-Oaxaca, Asaro, Mike De La Hosa & Suzanne Schadl, $26;
Organise! Building from the local for global justice, Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley & Eric Shargge, $33;
Direct Action & Sabotage: Three classic IWW pamphlets from the 1910s, Salvatore Salerno (ed), $20;
Cook Food: a manualfesto for easy, local health living, Lisa Jervis, $16;
Men In Prison, (new trans & introduction) Victor Serge, $25;
(back in stock) Soccer Vs. The State: Tackling footbal and radical politics, Gabriel Kuhn, $26;
Debt Resisters' Manual, Strike Debt, $22;

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