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Make Jura Sustainable!

Dear Jura friends and supporters,

We have been presented with a crisis and an opportunity, and we need your help.

The bank that holds the mortgage for our property has called in the loan. They have asked us to pay $5,000 immediately and the rest - another $15,000 - as soon as possible.

As you may know, Jura Books is the only anarchist organisation in Sydney that owns its own property, and one of the few in the world. This is an amazing achievement, built through the effort of members of the collective, and many supporters and friends over the last 31 years. The building is a stable resource for the broader libertarian community; it offers a base from which to keep up the fight for social change over the long term; and in it we can prefigure real alternatives to the present society. We don't want to lose our building.

Since our property is not fully paid off, for the last six years we have only ever paid the interest on the mortgage. That's about $2,000 per year wasted on the bank. We don't want this money to be wasted any more.

This money could go into activism, or renovations, or any number of radical projects. Think of the possibilities! To start with, we want to spend this money on making Jura a model of environmental sustainability. Over the past two years we have raised and spent about $8,000 on major repairs to the building, new paint work and shelving – come in to check out the fantastic job that many volunteers have achieved. But now we want to move beyond this and buy a solar panel system and a rainwater tank at the very least. These will be both a contribution to the fight against climate change, and a teaching resource for activist and community groups who want to learn about sustainability.

But we can't do this until we have paid off the mortgage.

So we are aiming to raise $30,000 in this fundraising drive. That will be enough to pay off the mortgage, and take the first steps towards making Jura environmentally sustainable.

You can make a big difference by donating just a small amount. Please make whatever contribution you are able to as soon as possible. If everyone who reads this message gives just $100, we would easily reach our goal of $30,000. If you can afford more, that will be very welcome, too.

Jura Books is doing a lot of great things. We sell anarchist and other radical political books at minimal mark-up. We don't make money from selling the books - just enough to pay some of the bills. Many of these books aren't available anywhere else in Australia. We also put on films, talks and other events for and about different political movements. We also maintain a unique archive of political posters, and we occasionally publish books and pamphlets.

All of us are volunteers; help us to keep doing this useful work.

We need your help; please contribute. There are a number of ways to do this:

>>Transfer any donations into our bank account using your own internet banking - email us for details.
>> Come in to Jura to donate in person
>> Post a cheque or money order made out to Jura Books
>> Use Paypal (jura -at- jura.org.au);
>> Send an email to jura -at- jura.org.au telling us you can help. We will get back to you and discuss the best way to contribute.

Thanks for all your support in the past, and your help in the future,

The Jura Collective