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May 07 news - SALE

Hi everyone,

Jura Books is ON SALE!!!

For the whole month of May, there's 10% of all stock. Also, hundreds of books have been reduced to $2 each, and some pamphlets to 50c. If you're one of our financial supporters, you continue to get your normal 10% off - making your total discount 20%! (If you're not a financial supporter yet, why not sign up - it's a regular $5, $10, or $20 per month contribution, depending on your level of commitment.) Check out the sale during regular opening hours (2-7 Thursday, 2-7 Friday, 12-5 Saturday, 12-5 Sunday).

And we have just received a huge load of cheap new books from Black Rose Publishers in Canada, New Society Press, Zone Books, Semiotexte and The New York Icarus Project. Icarus is a great project focussed on anti-psychiatry and self-help mental health work. (See attachment for a list of new titles.)

Also this month, a special meeting will be taking place at Jura: a brainstorming session on finding common ground between the worker and environment movements. There is a desperate need to bring together the issues of climate change and workplace justice, and we hope to begin working on some campaign ideas for doing this. Come along and contribute your ideas: 6pm, Thursday 24th May.

Happening even sooner is our regular working bee: 12pm onwards, Saturday 13th May (this Saturday).
And the Jura meeting is on 1pm, Sunday 3rd June. All welcome!

Finally, we'd like to say a special hello to all police and corporate media types who get this email. It was lovely to see a quote from our newsletter in the business section of the Sydney Morning Herald last month: "In a clear sign that the protest movement is gearing up for the APEC and RFID summits, Sydney saw the reopening of its second anarchist bookshop this week — Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop in Newtown. 'Two anarchist spaces means double the fun for us and double the trouble for the rulers' said a flyer to anarchist book readers." We're happy to direct any interested police or corporate media vultures to some great books on the role of the police and media in supporting the capitalist death machine...

Seeya soon!

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