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May News

Hi everyone,
It has been very busy over the past few weeks at Jura.
*-* The Talk and Text day went really well: lots of people turned up, Jeremy has written a report elsewhere, so no more here.
*-* The cup cake and politics morning tea was really well attended and is a great initiative. Rumour has it that another one will happen next month...stay tuned.
*-* Food Not Bombs is cooking up a storm each fortnight in the Jura kitchen for their Newtown gig...and supplying some tasty treats for Jura events, too.
*-* The major Jura (strategic) document that was begun at the open Planning Day is just about ready to be made public: great work done by many people on this.
*-* We have several new members in the collective: Katrina, Luke, Andrew, Fez, who isn't mentioned.....? Great to have them all on board...really good people.
*-* The new Sydney regional Anarchist-Communist Group is actively preparing its organisational structure. They meet at Jura so keep an eye on the events listing on the front page of this site.
*-* the Jura Organic Food Coop is building up really well. About a dozen households are in at the moment: if you live locally, and want some great organic fruit & vegs...why not join up.

Wow...heaps happening, and I probably missed out some of the things..
Ciao, Sid.