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Mentally tastey titles at Jura

Hi Jura supporters,Here are the latest new titles at Jura:Los Manos, The lads from Aragon: The story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran interviewed by F. Gomez & Antonio Tellez, $7;The Early Days of Greek Anarchism: The democratic club of Petras & Social Radicalism in Greece, Paul Pomonis, $4.50;From Reform to Revolution, Ian Martin, $6;Revolution, Carlo Cafiero, $19 (a rare offering in English);Jean Vigo and the Anarchist Eye, David Weir, $22.50;Storm in my Heart: Memories from the widow of Johann Most, Helene Minkin, 427;Anarchy and Society: Reflections on anarchist sociology, Jeff Shantz and Dana Williams, $42;Underground Passages: Anarchist resistance culture 1848-2011, Jesse Cohn, $34;The Essence of Jargon, Alice Becker-Ho, $24;Drug War Capitalism, Dawn Paley, $25;'Witness to Betrayal' & 'Profiles of Provocateurs', Kristian Williams, $22.50;I Belong Only to Myself: The life and writings of Leda Rafanelli, Andrea Pakieser, $25;Seeya.