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More November new titles

Hi all,
Here are a whole lot of new journal and zine titles at Jura - a HUGE range of topics of interest. This is an experiment with periodicals, and we'll see how they sell, to see if we need to keep getting them.
Fifth Estate $7
Barefoot and the Kitchen (vegan food) $5.50
Doris 24 $4.50
Alternative Press Review $7.50
Earth First! $7
Can Control (graffiti glossy magazine)$7.50
Show Me the Money! $6
Social Anarchism (this issue mostly essays on Chomsky)$10
Anarchist Studies (four issues, each) $25
Dollars and Sense...for Economic Justice $7.50
Last Hours...Acoustic Punk Rock glossy $9
Anarchy A Journal of Desire Armed $8
The Rattlesnake...anarchist syndicalist journal $7
Black Flag (good to see again) $7
LIP...informed revolt $9
Maximum RocknRoll...more punk $7
Carbusters Magazine $7
Squatter Comics $6
Kick It Over $7
Left Turn $7
The Oyster Catcher (anarcho surrealist) $7
$pread...illuminating the sex industry $9
Blacklisted..official hackers zine $9
Extra! the Media Watch Group $7
Practical Anarchy...a better world is possible $7

Enjoy!! Only one or two copies of most of these...we're just testing the water.