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More September News

Besides the fantastic opening night with Marie and Jan speaking, the rest of the 'Let the Walls Speak' Poster Exhibition was also a great success. Loads of organising from Jeremy in the weeks leading up to the event and heaps of help from many people during it (thanks to Black Rose people, Jurans, and all the personal friends) who staffed the exhibition over the two weeks. And many thanks to the Uni Verge people and all the student helpers who assisted, too.
About 300 people visited the Brevery, including the 80 or so for the opening night. The Jura bookstall went well with $590 of books and posters sold over the time of the display. All the money has not come in yet, but about $300 of donations were also given to help maintain the poster collection - thanks to all who donated.
A big effort, but very well worth it.

The shop was also staffed for our regular opening times for the Exhibition, with those sales included, Jura sold $1,207 of stock in all over that time.