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More working bee news

Hi all,
it was great to hear of the progress of the working bee last Sunday - thanks to all.
Shane & I went in to do some more work yesterday, here is a report:
Main job was to fix the increasingly bad leaks from rain in the back room - we think we did it. But when we went onto the roof, it suddenly sunk a little - nervy situation! As it turned out, a major timber beam that supported the roof had old termite damange and gave way. That has been the problem all along - the roof corner under the kitchen window had sunk about 8cm, so rain flowed back towards the wall instead of away and to the gutter.

It took all day to replace the timber and put in new iron work, loads of silicon etc...should be fixed now - we just need rain to test it out.

Unfortunately (1), we put a foot through the ceiling in trying to support the roof while replacing the damaged timber....you may notice a repair job in the ceiling of the back room, too. At least until the plastering and painting is finished.

Unfortunately (2), having to do all that extra work meant that we did not have enough time to do the work in the library...had to leave it for next week.

If any more donations can come through, please send it to our account (on the website) or by mail to Jura. All this extra work due to the old termite damage (in the library ceiling and now the backroom ceiling) has cost more than budgeted for.
Ciao, Sid.