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New books and shirts/t-towels at Jura

here are the latest books and t-shirts at Jura:

The Black War: Fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania, Nicholas Clements, $35;

Shame and the Captives, Thomas Keneally, (H/B), $38;

T-shirts (100% cotton, various sizes):

White Australia has a Black History (new stock), $15;
People Smuggler (+image of Gov Phillip), $15;
McDeath (lower price), $10;
Fox News: very rich people paying rich people to tell middle class pwoplet to blame poor people, $15;
Boat People, $15;

Tea-towel (linen/cotton):
"It starts when you sink in his arms, and ends with your arms in his sink" (with image of woman, man), $10;
"Oh! That explains the difference in our pay" (with image of girl, boy), $10;
'Boat People' (image of tall ship), $10;Seeya