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New books at Jura from AK Press

Hi Jurans,New titles are:Los Manos: The lads from Aragon - the story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran, $6.50;The Unlikely Secret Agent, Ronnie Kasrils, (anti-Apartheid spy), $22;Come Out Fighting: A century of essential writing on Gay and Lesbian liberation, Chris Bull (ed), $22;The Home: Its work and influence, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, $25;Weakening the Dam, Twin Cities IWW, $6;Prison Writings 111: The road map to negotiations, Abdullah Ocalan, (from the inspirer of the Rojavi Kurdish revolution), $17;The American Labor Movement: A new beginning, 2nd edn, Sam Dolgoff, $7;Digger Tracts: 1649-50, $9;Sobre El Anarquismo, Noam Chomsky (Chomsky on Anarchism in Spanish), $25;The Super-Happy Anarcho Fun Book!, (all 16 issues), $17;Abolishing Christianity and Other Essays, Jonathan Swift (re stock), $17;Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magon reader, (eds), $29;The Autobiography of Margaret Sanger (mate of Emma G), M Sanger, $19;Walter A. Rodney: A promise of revolution, Clairemont Chung (ed), $26;Red Epic, Joshua Clover, (book of poems) $23;The Windmills of Humanity: On culture and surrealism in the manipulated world, Joseph Feinberg, $20;The Silenced Majority: Stories of uprisings, occupations, resistance and hope, Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan, $23;....and there were a bunch more restock books, too.Ciao, Sid.