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New stock (13 October 06)

Hi all,
here is the latest installment of new titles from AK at Jura:
In the Spanish language:-

El Anarquismo Español: y la acción revolucionaria (1961-1974) - Octavio Alberola and Ariane Gransac

Las divisiones internas y desavenencias entre los libertarios de la
Península y los del exilio, junto al acomodamiento y al miedo a la
ilegalización de los organismos libertarios españoles en Francia,
condujeron a una progresiva burocratización e inmovilismo del
Movimiento Libertario. La esperanza de una intervención de las
potencias occidentales para acabar con el r&eacute...$27.50
Mujeres Libres: El Anarquismo Y La Lucha Por La Emancipacion De Las Mujeres - Martha A.

Sobre la bse de un estudio riguroso y profundo de las condiciones
sociales y politicas que permitieron el surgimiento de un movimiento
emancipatorio de mujeres en la Espana revolucionaria del 36, Ackelsberg
realiza una cronica de los esfuerzos de Mujeres Libres por crear una
organizacion constituida por y para mujeres de las clase trabajadora,
con el objetivo de prepararlas para ocupar su lugar en la revoluc...$26

Partisanas: La mujer en la resistencia aramada contra el fascismo y la ocupacion alemana (1936-1945) - Ingrid Strobl

Hannie Schaft, conocida como 'la chica pelirroja', era a sus veinte
anos recien cumplidos, una de las terroristas mas fervientemente
buscadas por la Gestapo en los Paises Bajos. En varsovia los ejecutores
de la solucion final intentaban atrapa a 'la pequena Wanda con las
trenzas rubias' que, en realidad, se llamaba Niuta Tejtelbojm, tenia
veinte anos y era judia. En los frentes de la guerra civil espanola

Facerías. Guerrilla urbana (1939-1957):La lucha antifranquista del Movimiento Libertario en España y en el exilio - Antonio

ÇEs inhabitual escribir la historia de los hombres que hacen la
HISTORIA.Nosotros hemos querido intentarlo. La HISTORIA la escribirán
mañana especialistas que estuvieron muy lejos de los hechos y de los
hombres, darán interpretaciones, formularán juicios aplastantes.
Nosotros hablamos aquí de los protagonistas que estarán "ausentes" en
todas las historias todav&iacut...$32

Horizontalidad: Voces de Poder Popular en Argentina - Marina Sitrin

Este libro relata la historia de una socieada en cambio, contada por
personas que estan tomando sus vidas y sus comunidades en sus propias
manos. Halban en su propias voces. Es una historia de cooperacion,
vision, creacion y descubrimiento. Es una historia contada por personas
en las empresas recuperadas, las asambleas barriales, los medio
independientes, los coletivos de arte, y los movimientos de los
Sabate: Guerilla Urbana en Espana (1945-1960) - Antonio Tellez

Sabate es el primer libro que describe la tumultusa historia de la
lucha armada contra el regimen franquista durante estos anos. Partiendo
de la vida de uno de los personajes mas conocidos: Francisco Sabate, se
nos presenta a toda una generacion de militantes libertarios espanoles,
herederos de las ideas anarco-syndicalistas y actores de la Revolucion
espanola de 1936. $25

In the English language:

An Introduction To Anarchist Feminism - Jeanine Pfahlert

This essay concisely and thoroughly review anarchist feminism's history
as both a political perspective and social movement. Anarchist
feminism's relation to anarchism and feminism also receives
consideration. Pivotal turning points in it's are reflected upon, as
are associated key activists. Best of all is the extended annotated
bibliography of anarchist feminist literary sources. A useful reference
for act...$3.50
My Disillusionment In Russia - Emma Goldman

Deported to Russia in 1919 with other undesirable 'Reds', Goldman
witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the tsarist government's downfall.
Horrified by what she saw in major cities and revolted by the Bolshevik
dictatorship, she left the country in 1921 and soon after, set down her
thoughts in two books. This edition, combining the two original
volumes, contains Goldman's account of her experiences in Soviet ...$19
On The Naive But Honorable Self-Determination Of Teenage Girls - Fly (Illustrator) and Amber Gayle

A high school girl from the West Coast goes to Germany to spend a year
as an exchange student. In detailed letters home, she recounts foreign
flings, wild parties, girlfriend dramas and difficult host parents, as
well as the discoveries she makes about her path in life. Amber's
writing is irreverent and playful, a delightful, uncensored look into
the mind of an adventurous 16-year-old. The 5th in the My Evil...$19
Fellow Worker: The Life Of Fred Thompson - Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson - 1900-1987 - Socialist, Wobbly, organizer, soapboxer,
editor, class-war prisoner, educator, historian and publisher (it was
he who spearheaded the effort to get the Charles H Kerr Company back on
its feet in the 1970s). Here are lively accounts of his career as a
teen-age socialist in Canada during the First World War; adventures as
a hobo on the road; hard years in San Quentin; organizing for...$15.50

Bughouse Square To The Beat Generation: Selected Ravings Of Slim
Brundage - Founder & Janitor Of The College Of Complexes
- Franklin Rosemont (Editor) and Slim Brundage

A unique combination of tavern, university and nonstop wild party, the
College in its heyday (1951-1961) was for many years Chicago's
outstanding outsider outpost. The writings collected here by the
College's Founder and Janitor, Slim Brundage (1903-1990), chronicle the
colorful history of what may well be the oldest continuous dissident
working class intellectual community in the US. Hobo, Wobbly,

Graffiti Brasil - Tristan Manco (Editor)

A full color history,and expose, of graffiti, Brazilian style. Legal
and illegal. Murals, bombing, lettering and more. A rich social

Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman's Fifty Years - Lorraine Perlman
A lovingly crafted biography of one of the twentieth century's most significant thinkers and activists.$12

ow Nonviolence
Protects The State
- Peter Gelderloos

People working for social change face plenty of difficult questions,
but sometimes matters of strategy and tactics receive low priority.
Among many North American activists, the role of nonviolence as the
default mode of struggle bears little scrutiny. Is nonviolence
effective at ending systems of oppression? How is nonviolence connected
to white privilege? Is militancy naturally macho, or does pacifism

Juice Is Stranger Than Friction: Selected Writings Of T-Bone Slim - Franklin Rosemont (Editor) and T-Bone Slim

"A working stuff, a hobo, and an irreconcilable revolutionist...second
only to Joe Hill as the IWW's most popular songwriter, T-Bone Slim
incontestably was the Wobblie's greatest "man of letters". For two
decades readers of IWW publications recognized him as the Union's "most
noted columnist." America's finest hobo wordsmith and a remarkable
aphorist, he also merits a place among the great American

Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality &
Solidarity - Writings & Speeches, 1878-1937
- Lucy Parsons, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (Introduction by), and Gale Ahrens (Introduction by)

Edited and introduced by Gale Ahrens, here, for the first time, is a
hefty selection of the writings and speeches of the woman the Chicago
police called 'More dangerous than a thousand rioters!' "Lucy Parsons'
writings are among the best and strongest in the history of US
anarchism. ...Her long and often traumatic experience of the capitalist
injustice system - from the KKK terror in her youth, through
Prada: Free Pages And Hard Times - Anarchist Musings - Manuel Gonzalez Prada

Manuel Gonzalez Prada (1844-1918) was one of the leading intellectual
and literary figures of Peru. His reputation as an essayist extended
beyond national boundaries, while at home, these essays - along with
his potent speeches - influenced generations of young radicals. For the
first time in English, here's essays, speeches and polemical writings
drawn from two of Prada's only books of prose published durin...$27

New Zines:

Nihilist - Emma Goldman (Contributor)
Latest issue of this occasional mag from the producers of the Anarchist Yellow Pages. An Emma Goldman essay, sex worker rights, a plethor of situ-type detourned comics, and some excellent rants with
a bad attitude.$1.50

Pound The Pavement #8 - Josh MacPhee (Editor)

Despite the numbering system, this is actually the first issue of
artist, art-curator, and anarchist Josh Macphee's zine. As you might
expect, it showcases (in glorious full color) a collection of graffiti,
stencil and similar nefarious (and political) street art, together with
the editors' current ruminations on anarchism, communication, and the
control of public space. Quite superb. Of course.$6

Pound The Pavement #9 - Josh MacPhee (Editor)

Second glorious issue of the street-art zine. This one examines editor
Josh Macphee's obsession with the streetlight (or lamppost). Here, in
glorious full-color, is what some folks have adorned the bases of
streetlights with...The zine includes not only examples of how folks
have removed the panels, decorated them, and returned them, but how to
remove it yourself, and return it with sound-system attached! ...$5