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New stock at Jura.

New titles (July 28):
latest Fifth Estate (Spring 2006) $4.50 - with an excellent spread on the Spanish Revolution - yes, this surprised me, too, but there it is & some graphics that I haven't seen before, including of the Mujeres Libres. Only two copies came though, so be quick or cry slowly!
Allotment: its Landscape and structure -$28.50 - anarchist housing in UK
Arcadia for All, The Legacy for a Makeshift $34 - more on housing
Anarchy Comics (back in stock) $4.50
Fellow Worker, the Life of Fred Thompson $13.50 life of an active Wobblie
Join the Resistance! Falling in Love is a Revolutionary Act (Crimethink) (DVD, i think, how can you tell when it doesn't say?)$16
Making Stuff and Doing Things (back in stock) $18
Mayday and Anarchism $3.50
Misfit: a Revolutionary Life of Capt Jack White $36
SCUM Manifesto (back in stock) $13.50
Tell Me No Lies: the world's best investigative journalism, ed J Pilger $26
Undoing Gender $30.50
Flesh for Fantasy, (women on exotic dancing) $22.50

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