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New titles at Jura

Hi everyone,
here are some new titles and re-stocks at Jura Books:

Joe Hill: the IWW & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture, pb 639p $30
The Big Red Songbook, pb, 535p $34
" " " hb " $48
IWW Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent, 1923 edn, pb (pam 64p) $8
Ned Kelly's Ghost: the Tottenham IWW and the Tottenham Tragedy, pam. 23p $4
Don't Mourn Organize! Songs of Joe Hill, CD, $26
Sister of the Road: the autobiograhhy of Boxcar Bertha, pb, 205p $21
The Haymarket Tragedy: the Memoirs of Irving S Abrams, pb, large format, 63p $17
Resist! T-shirt - black with Wobbly figure on it $24
Hobohemia: Emma goldman, Lucy Parsons, Ben Reitman & other agitators & outsiders in the 1920s/30s, pb, 126p $20
Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly, pb, 149p $26
History against Misery, David Roediger, pb, 184p $28
Starving Admist too Much & other IWW writings on the Food Industry, pb, 124p $21
Solidarity Forever: an Oral History of the IWW, pb 247p $25
Big Trouble: murder in a small western town (story of Pinkertons against Big Bill Haywood as defended by Clarence Darrow) pb 875p $20
The Tramp in America, hb 255p $23
The Rambling Kid: a novel about the IWW, pb 285p $26
Memoirs of a Wobbly Henry E McGuckin, pb 94p 412
The Rebel Girl: autobiography of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1906-1926) pb 350p $17
The Industrial Workers of the World: Its first 100 years, pb 246p $29
The Case of Joe Hill, pb 127p $13
Haymarket: a novel, pb 322p $23.50
The Wobblies: The Story of the IWW and Sydnicalism in the US pb 264p $23
The Pullman Strike, pb 126p $17
Slaughter in the Serene: the Columbine Coal Strike Reader, pb 196p $26
Direct Action & Sabotage, pb $17
Walls and Bars Eugene V Debs pb $19
Fellow Worker: the life of Fred Thompson, pb 93p $13.50
Hard Times: an oral history of the Great Depression, Studs Turkel, pb $24
May Day, a short history of the international workeers holiday 1886-1986, pb $15
Rebel Voices: an IWW anthology, pb 400p $32
Wobblies! a graphic history of the Industrial Workers of the World, pb 305p $33

That's about it.
Ciao, Sid.