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New titles @ Jura (19 August)

Stupid White Men, Michael Moore, $12
- Michael Moore's screed against "Thief-in-Chief" George Bush's power elite, hit No. 1 at Amazon.com within days of publication. Why? It's as fulminating and crammed with infuriating facts ....... and as noisily entertaining as a wrestling smackdown. Moore offers a more interesting critique of the 2000 election than Ralph Nader's Crashing the Party (he argued with Nader, his old boss, who sacked him), - with a new introduction about how his publisher tried to stop its distribution & how a humble librarian from NY suburbs forced them into getting it out of the wharehouse.

Anarchism in America, DVD, S. Fischler & J. Sucher, $29
_- Two fascinating documentaries on one DVD. Both are the work of Emmy and Guggenheim Award-winning filmmakers, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher. In the first, Anarchism in America, the two take a road trip to map anarchism as a distinctly American tradition, interviewing a diverse cast of characters: from "ordinary" truckers and farmers to famous anarchists like Kenneth Rexroth, Ursula LeGuin, and Murray Bookchin.
The Second, Free Voice of Labor, traces the history of the Yiddish anarchist newspaper of that name—publishing its final issue after 87 years—as told by its now elderly, but decidedly unbowed staff. Also included is first hand accounts of the labor organizing, propaganda, educational experiments, and monumental contributions from these cherished, if largely unsung, heroes of the American anarchist movement.

Clandestines: the Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile, Ramor Ryan, $24.50
- "Fleeing Berlin on the late night train to Paris—and me a fugitive with a fake ticket—is perhaps, I reflect, the most appropriate way to leave the subterranean life in Berlin and renew once more as I would, in Chiapas, Mexico. If clandestinity is about moving furtively in the shadows while keeping one step ahead of the forces of repression, law, and order, then in Berlin I learned how it is a fleeting tactic to strike like lightning and retreat safely—the surreptitious exit from the control zone." Zapatitastas in Mexico, squats in Berlin, G8 in Genoa...

Government in the Future, N. Chomsky, $15.50
- Chomsky ruminates on his vision of a future (anarchist) society, how it might be organised, and how we might get there. "If the present wave of repression can be beaten back, if the left can overcome its more suicidal tendencies and build on the achievements of the past decade, the problem of how to organize industrial society...

Anarchism in Germany and other Essays, Gustav Landauer, $13.50
- 5 essays, together with a historical/biographical sketch of the legendary German anarchist. Expelled (along with Malatesta et al) from the First International, he was a theorist and activist second to none - brutally murderd by the Social Democrats while leading the Bavarian Commune in 1919. One of the very few of his writings in English.

Z Magazine - May and June issues are in now.(US) $8
Anarchist Age Weekly, (Oz)$1
Freedom, (UK) $2

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