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New titles at Jura

Hi peoples,
here are the latest new titles:

The Tyranny of Theory: A contribution to the anarchist critique of Marxism, R. Tabor, $44;
Ready for Revolution: The CNT defense committees in Barcelona 1933-1938, Agustin Guillamon, $22;
Oil and Money: the education of an unlikely activist, Bill McKibben, $18;
Paul Robson Speaks, Phillip Foner (ed) $35;
A is for Activist, Innosanto Nagara, (young kids card book), $15;
Art and Society, William Morris, $24;
The Real Split in the International, Situationist International, $32;
The Value of Radical Theory: An anarchist introduction to Marxs critique of political economy, Wayne Price, $19;
Dreames & Everyday Life: Andre Breton, Surrealism, Revel Worker, SDS & the Seven Sisters of Cibola, Penelope Rosemont (it's a biography of her bohemian life mixed with working class action), $25;
The Child in the Country, Colin Ward, $25.p>>See you at the fair.