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November News

Great news at Jura: the new 2008 Slingshot Organisers have arrived, cheaper but better than last year!!. Huge range of colours and similar terrific layout with all sorts of useful hints & tips, contact lists, and fascinating bits of information for any activist. The larger spiral bound style is $13 and the smaller perfect-bound style is $7. Heaps have been selling, so be quick. If you want one posted out to you, please add $5 for the first Organiser and another $2 for each additional copy.

The other main news item is about the building repair work that has been going on at the shop. Huge progress has been made at the weekend working-bees in the library, and the electrical repairs are booked in for this week. Fixing the awning has proved more complex than first thought, and the end-of-year shortage of building tradespeople has slowed us down too. However, some progress is being made on that front.

Heaps of thanks, again, to all those who have contributed to the fundraising drive and to those who came in and helped out with the work.